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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Saturday Night In

Brian and I really need a night in to relax in front of the TV, unwind and maybe get some extra sleep. I know the rest of the crew was headed out to The Woodlands for dinner. A delicious meal out would be nice but carting a still-mildly-sick and fussy Aiden around would not be enjoyable. So we're opting to put him to bed early for some "us" time.

Diet Update: I really am going to use my blog for motivation. I need to 'report' to someone so I don't go whip up a huge batch of brownies right about now! The diet is working it's magic. It's day four and my sense of smell has really increased. (This happens when you cut a lot of white sugar out of your diet.) I have stopped drinking artificially sweetened drinks for these three weeks and the only sugars I am getting come from yogurt, peanutbutter, fruits, etc. Funny how foods that might have tasted bland a few days ago are suddenly so flavorful. I had a pita today for lunch with the Laughing Cow light swiss cheese spread (it's delicious!), stuffed with turkey lunch meat, fresh spinach, red bell pepper slices and black olives. It tasted really, really good! Sorry if it sounds gross but Brian and I really like making them for lunch. It's his own invention and honestly, it's a pretty tasty way to slim down! Speaking of which, the scale is reporting new, lower numbers which I like to see. I'll let you know how much weight I lost when it's all over but I am soooooooo hoping that it will be a noticeable difference!

I did a super-fast layout this afternoon while Aiden napped & Brian ran up to Lowe's for some project stuff:

This kid is such a ham! I know lots of babies probably play under their exersaucers but he actually hauls his own toys in there with him and then frequently gets stuck because there are too many toys in his way when he wants out! LOL!


Susie said...

I think the pita sounds delicious! Yum!

Di said...

You are making me hungry. Aidan is such a boy. He is already building his own fort. Ha ha. I hope his hair is okay, I am sure it is or will be fine soon.

Kelsey said...

That L.O. makes me want summertime to come! I think its adorable. Great job on your diet girl! Now come and sign up at the GYM WITH ME! =))))))))!

Miss Mint said...

testing testing i really can leave comments now!