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Friday, February 1, 2008

Baby Daze and The Surprise After...

As I was picking up a scattering of toys that began in our master closet and ended at the front door, I smiled to myself and remembered how adamant I had been about not wanting my house to look like a daycare. When I was pregnant, I was very concerned with buying baby gear that matched my black & khaki decor or at the very least, big black baskets to hide all the hiddeously colored toys in. Now that Aiden is here, I couldn't care less. There are bright colored toys visible when people come to the door, they get scatered all over my house every day and while they do have a nice, coordinating black basket they all go in, Aiden has such a good time making sure they don't stay there. I guess what I was really chuckling at is the fact that so many times I said I wouldn't do something and now that I am in the thick of motherhood, I am realizing those are the things that don't even matter!

I am fresh back from Baby Daze with several more neon-colored toys for Aiden to strew around the house and a few other good deals. I picked up some play clothes pants & jeans in the next two sizes that he can destroy while playing at the parks, a still-brand-new, non-skid tub mat to prevent any more slipping in the tub (we've had LOTS of these lately) and several fun toys. I just finished scrubbing them down with Chlorox wipes, in the hopes that Aiden won't catch the flu from one of my great finds. For now I am going to hide most of them and bring them out over the next few weeks when I need something new to distract him. (Yeah, right. I'll probably be so excited to show him that they'll all come out tomorrow but it would be SMART for me to put them away!) I really need to get in the habit of rotating toys...

While I was at Baby Daze Brian gave Aiden a haircut. Actually, he cut all of Aiden's gorgeous, spikey blonde hair OFF. I can't tell the extent of the damage because he's asleep in his crib and I don't want to wake him but it's SHORT. It was an accident - Brian didn't realize how much he had trimmed until afterwards and was immediately afraid for his life! He knows how much I like to spike the kiddo's hair. Luckily it is just hair and it will grow back. But for now you'll probably see Aiden sporting a new doo. (Maybe we can finally teach him to wear hats.)

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Susie said...

Ahh..that's too bad about his least it will grow back for those cute spikes!