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Friday, May 9, 2008

Layouts, Hybrids & an Invite for YOU!

Things have been a little crazy this week! If you've shopped at Miss Mint's store, you've seen the two dozen new products she released on Wednesday. I love new supplies, but of course I feel obligated to make something with all of them, which resulted in two straight days of scrapping & hybriding. I was able to get these two layouts done: (first one uses a photo that Kelsey took)

I did several different hybrids and don't need to post them all here. What I DO want to post is this little sign I am submitting to a magazine for publication (for the October issue!) and an invite for all my friends:

I am FINALLY setting a date to do a hybrid instruction night at my house! Tuesday night May 20th at 8 pm I will be pulling out all my supplies and making some signs. If you live near me, you're welcome to come! My kitchen table is big enough for 6 so we'll let that be the limit. I'll e-mail more info to everyone that has previously talked to me about doing hybrids but if you've been too shy to ask, send me an e-mail and let me know you're coming over! :D

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Miss Mint surprised us all when she gave us 22 brand new products to scrap with and said she was STILL designing! The new products will be available late this afternoon when the 30% off sale starts. Here are the projects and layouts I did with just a few of the new things:

Major's basket has a tag, too! It looked too bare sitting above the snack basket.

A fun pirate sign for Aiden's room. Sure, it doesn't match the rest of the surf stuff but I thought it looked cool!

My first layout in a month! I've been doing nothing but hybrids so this one was really easy to complete! Journaling reads: "When you look at the world I hope you see what others cannot. Optimism is far better than reality." Kelsey took that picture of him, looking out over the field of bluebonnets. I love it!

So gals, I hope you saved your pennies because there are some AWESOME new things coming, including a trendy pink, lime green & purple kit! See the gallery for more sneak peeks!