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Friday, May 9, 2008

Layouts, Hybrids & an Invite for YOU!

Things have been a little crazy this week! If you've shopped at Miss Mint's store, you've seen the two dozen new products she released on Wednesday. I love new supplies, but of course I feel obligated to make something with all of them, which resulted in two straight days of scrapping & hybriding. I was able to get these two layouts done: (first one uses a photo that Kelsey took)

I did several different hybrids and don't need to post them all here. What I DO want to post is this little sign I am submitting to a magazine for publication (for the October issue!) and an invite for all my friends:

I am FINALLY setting a date to do a hybrid instruction night at my house! Tuesday night May 20th at 8 pm I will be pulling out all my supplies and making some signs. If you live near me, you're welcome to come! My kitchen table is big enough for 6 so we'll let that be the limit. I'll e-mail more info to everyone that has previously talked to me about doing hybrids but if you've been too shy to ask, send me an e-mail and let me know you're coming over! :D

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