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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Night 2

It wasn't quite as bad because Aiden's crying was split into a couple different outbursts. The first came at 10:30, similar to the night before, but I think he fussed for maybe 5 minutes. He fell back asleep and slept until sometime around 3:45 and cried again.

And here's the funny thing. Now that I know we are sleep training and I don't need to go to him, I am sleeping through his crying! It's so nice! Even more fun is the fact that I can sleep through it but Brian wakes up! Bri was fuming around 5:45 that I was snoozing and not doing anything about Aiden, who was awake and crying again. Sorry babe, I've been on the night shift since last March. But he did get his chance to sleep in this morning while I took Aiden so it's fair! (Well, even then, not really. I woke up this morning with a wet T-shirt and boobs about to pop they were still so full. Ready to be done with breastfeeding, too.)

Gotta scrap now. How am I going to get layouts done for all the new things she has coming?

Friday, December 28, 2007

70 Minutes

That's how long Aiden cried last night when he woke up. Brian and I are doing some sleep training because the kiddo is WAAAAY off schedule after all the holiday trips. Aiden doesn't sleep well in strange places so when we travel, he usually just ends up in the bed with us. That way, when he wakes up and doesn't know where he is, we're right there to quiet him before he wakes the dead with his wails. Well, now that we're home, Brian and I can't take him waking up every two hours to see where we are. So we're having to use a little tough love and only check on him - not bring him in with us - when he wakes up crying. Aiden didn't like that idea last night, hence the hour and ten minute stand-off. It was awful. I hope he's not near as stubborn tonight because I won't be able to operate a vehicle safely if he doesn't start letting me get some sleep!

Peppermint Update: There should be a free kit at the shop this month but it's not done yet. There won't be a new "big" kit for January but there are going to be lots of new elements and for the first time, TEMPLATES!

Us Chicks have already gotten our eager little hands on the new template sets and WOW are they fast & easy to scrap with! I hope you picked up some paper packs while they were on sale because you're going to want to try these babies out. The templates come in a gray-on-gray tone WITH FRAMES and space for journaling. All you do is click on one of the layers (for example, the background layer), place the paper you want it "covered" in over it and then hit Ctrl-G to "cover" the layer with the paper. DONE! You then go through and paper-cover all the gray parts, put your pictures in and then add any elements or journaling that you want. What you end up with is a great looking page in about 30 minutes. There will be tons of examples so you can see how they're used. Check Miss Mint's blog tomorrow for a preview.

We should be getting the new elements to scrap with VERY soon - when I do, I'll type a verbal description of what is coming. Then I need to get my butt in gear & start scrapping, otherwise I'm going to miss the deadline......

Thursday, December 27, 2007

So much stuff, so little time!

I'm hoping my scrapping friends hit the PC sale and picked up some goodies. I got a couple of alphas from the clearance section that I didn't have before, some of which are in my new blog title! I was feeling "Office-y" and since my New Year's resolution is to finally organize that darn bead room, I think the header fits for this month.

We got back in town last night and I have my family, including grandparents, coming to my house in less than 24 hours so we can all swap gifts and so the now-great-grandparents can watch Aiden open his gifts from them. Meanwhile, I am trying to get unpacked, get all the laundry from our week-long trip done and put all the new gifts away so our guests will have some place to sit! This is such a busy time of year....and I still need to make something for all eleven of us to eat!

My blog title is the only thing I have had time to scrap and it doesn't look like I'll have a chance to do anything else until this weekend. I have a December 30th deadline for LO's using some new products and I'm sure there is more stuff coming in early January at the shop, including another freebie. I'll post the details as I get them. Meanwhile, all you gals that don't yet scrap but have Photoshop and would like to, keep an eye on my blog and the Peppermint Creative Shop for a new product that is going to make your scrapping life a LOT easier! Hint: I would STRONGLY recommend picking up some new paper packs and element sets while they're still 40% off - until midnight tonight!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


We're still in Oklahoma but I logged in to the team forum just to see what the Chicks were up to and found a sale post from Miss Mint: 40& 50% OFF SALE DEC 26 & 27!

She's never done 50% off! She's startng a new Clearance category on the 26th, where she will put products that she's about to retire. Everything else in the shop will be 40% off.

Stock up now because new stuff is coming in January and I can promise there won't be another sale this big!

Even better, the Clearance section is going to have some items mot of you have never seen before. Here's a sneak peek on her blog of clearance items:

Thought you would all enjoy knowing! Now, back to the holidays!