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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Where is my cold front?

Although I got some GREAT deals at The Children's Place on some short sleeved polos for Aiden to wear in this heat, I am ready for some cooler weather. I'm ready for more walks in the cool breeze, jeans & hoodies, thick baby blankets on Aiden and hot soup in bread bowls! I love cool weather!

I took lots of adorable pictures this week that I can't wait to scrap! I finally got one layout done:

I really like getting everyone together for playdates. I have the best group of friends out here!

Alright, now I have to run to get ready because I have a meeting with bishoprick members about a calling. I think that means it's big......ugh. Not what I need while breastfeeding a teething heathen!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Summer is Year-Round in Texas!

Or at least it is in Houston. We went swimming today and I got some great pics! I haven't done any layouts because I have been busy doing things with friends & taking pictures to scrap! Here is one little photo from today that I just had to embellish of Aiden in my sunglasses, possibly doing an impression of me!

For whatever reason he HAD to chew on my sunglasses while we were at the pool. He kept grabbing at them and fussing for them until I gave in. Later I put them on him and he wore them for about five minutes, staring at the suddenly pink world around him! Then he got crabby and I snapped this picture. Looks a little familiar to me.....hmmmmm......LOL!!

As soon as I finish more layouts, I'll post them here, too. I am really enjoying digital scrapping! I don't feel so behind on Aiden's pages any more, even though I have only one newborn page done for him.

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, the Halloween lights still aren't up!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My Holiday Scrooge

Brian, Halloween, Valentines day and all the other holidays that aren't Christmas were NOT made up by Hallmark so they can sell more greeting cards!!!

That's for hating the holidays, including my birthday! I'll take it off when our house is decorated inside and out for Halloween. (And when you admit lights ARE much easier at Christmas when it's cooler outside and mosquito-free!) I love you, Babe!

Thank you Miss Mint for all the cut-out words & alphas!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Getting Ready for Halloween!

I have decided that Brian has had entirely too much fun being an anti-holiday decoration scrooge so we have struck a deal. We're going to skip the Christmas outdoor decorations since we'll be out of town for most of it and we're going to do the place up for Halloween since it's the only holiday we will be here to celebrate. Besides, it's been AGES since I did any real decorating for the holidays and having Aiden gives me a good enough excuse. Oh, and I get to go pick out new stuff from Hobby Lobby! WHOO-HOO!

What's fueling my desire to decorate even more is the new Halloween kit Miss Mint released. As part of the creative team we get the kit before it hits the shop and have a day or two to scrap our pages with it. These pages are then included as "inspiration" layouts in the newsletter and in the gallery to help sell the kits. This kit is pretty cool! Bonus: Everything is on sale at 20% off this week at! Go get this kit!! Here are some layouts I did:

The last one is a card to send to the grandparents. I put Aiden in some Halloween jammies and snapped some pictures. I'm no Kelsey but they worked well enough as placeholders for the real Halloween pictures!! (Note to Kelsey: I'm realizing that I'll need to have holiday pictures done WAAAAY in advance so I have something to scrap with! Looks like we'll be doing Christmas pics right after Fall pics!) Hmmm......I'll pick up some props for that when I'm at Hobby Lobby, too. Something saliva-proof!! LOL!!