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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My Holiday Scrooge

Brian, Halloween, Valentines day and all the other holidays that aren't Christmas were NOT made up by Hallmark so they can sell more greeting cards!!!

That's for hating the holidays, including my birthday! I'll take it off when our house is decorated inside and out for Halloween. (And when you admit lights ARE much easier at Christmas when it's cooler outside and mosquito-free!) I love you, Babe!

Thank you Miss Mint for all the cut-out words & alphas!


Alisha said...

Come on BRIAN-decorating for the holidays is so fun! Look at it on the bright side, if you help Tay put up decorations you get to spend time with her in decorating, plus you get a say in the way everything looks! Tay-if Brian is still being a scrooge after reading this let me know; I'll come straighten things out ;) !!

Muggle Mom said...

lol! you are too funny! sorry, but i'm a holiday scrooge as well. we're lucky if i put up a christmas tree! love the scrapbook page though. hehehehe! but i still think bri should put up the stuff if you would like him too.

Kelsey said...

Ha ha- only you would spend the time on that layout. It's a must in Aidens scrapbook so he understands why he felt under privleaged in the decor department while growing up for holidays! =) HA HA! Once he sees Aiden get bigger AND LIGHT UP at the thought of getting everything out, he'll change.

Muggle Mom said...

okay...matt thinks that a lot of the holidays are just a marketing, money-making ploy as well. lol! cheap men!