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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Funny Video

The link below is to a SNL skit video that I just love! I'm sure you all have heard of Penelope. If not, here she is in all her glory:

Is that not a riot?!! It just cracks me up! Brian has been bugging me to post a video on here because every once in a while I'll suddenly start speaking like her and playfully one-up everything he says. Don't forget to twirl the ends of your hair if you decide to impersonate her, too!

Hot Off The Press!

There's going to be a Black Friday sale at Peppermint Creative! One day only and I don't know what the discount will be but the new Hanukkah kit will be released - which has a great religion-neutral paper pack - and some GORGEOUS new cutesy butterfly elements are being added, too! They're adorable little mesh winged butterflies with silver wire wrapped bodies and a touch of glitter on the wing tips. Really crafty & whimsical looking! The set has them in several colors, including pink, purple & lime green!

I'll keep you posted on the sale info as I get it. Be sure to watch Miss Mint's blog, she usually will put sneak peeks and sale details there first.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Just Another Monday

Aiden can crawl but that hasn't stopped the screaming. He's resorted to VERY loud yells any time I walk "too far" away from him. The too far part changes by the hour, depending on how recent his last nap was. It could be five feet or five inches. Even worse, he's started fussing in my arms when I shift his weight and he *thinks* I'm about to set him down. All the crying is just too much for my ears to take! I give in and end up playing on the floor with him, looking around at all the little things I'd like to get done and counting down to his next nap.

I started packing for us today. says it's going to be freezing the whole time we're in Granbury and the wind chill around the lake is even colder than the actual air temperatures. The daytime high will be in the 50's the entire time we're in town. I'm so excited about the cold weather! Tomorrow I'm going to try to pick up a cute new long sleeved something to wear while I'm up there. Still kind of in between sizes. My skinny size 6 stuff doesn't fit from 2 winters ago and neither does my huge maternity stuff from last year. It seems like I'm always filling in gaps in my wardrobe, only to find more gaps....oh, well. Aiden is dropping daytime nursing sessions left & right and I've lost weight this week because of it and had my libido return. (Brian is loving that part!) Now I just can't wait to have my body be all mine again!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Random Things

I just have to brag. I got an e-mail yesterday about being on another Creative Team. I was so flattered! Unfortunately I'm a bleeding-heart loyalist and have already been spoiled by using the most crisp & perfectly printable digital scrap stuff there is, so I decided I would remain exclusive to Miss Mint's team. (Her stuff is SO GOOD!) Still, I can't tell you how much that e-mail made my day!

In other news, Aiden got a new car seat this weekend in preparation for our big holiday road trips. It looks like it was ripped straight out of the first class section of a 767 and is by far the plushest thing his bum has ever touched! Doesn't matter, he still hates car seats. I'm sadly bidding farewell to the easy days of clipping his infant carrier into shopping carts and my favorite little stroller for fast outings. Grocery shopping next week will be loads of fun, now that he's going to be able to grab items out of the cart and reach the coupons where I keep them in the little tray that the HEB carts have up near the handle bars.

I guess the biggest event this weekend is that Aiden is officially crawling! He started last night at the football party and just took off! He's 7 months (about to be 8) and he's up on all fours. It's fun to watch him, although I wasn't expecting him to crawl for another month. Oh well, lock up the cupboards! My mom and all her fancy, breakable decorations are in for a real treat this week! LOL!

Before I go, here is a LO I finished using the new "bright grunge" trend. I've been seeing just a few things in the DigiShopTalk gallery like it but basically, you scrap grunge style but instead of dirty browns, blacks, grays & greens you substitute bright colors for the dirt & smudges on things. Notice the Cardboard Grunge background paper? I just can't quit using them!!!