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Friday, September 4, 2009

First Day of PreSchool

Here is Aiden on his first day of preschool, teary-eyed after his sixth temper tantrum of the morning. (How does one pour apple juice the wrong way?)

I asked him if he wanted to hold his backpack. (It would look fabulous with his orange bracelet after all) That spurred the seventh temper tantrum. It's a GREAT day to send him to preschool!

By the time we get to the school, he's FINALLY happy! Yay!

Aiden had a total blast! However when I picked him up the teachers had a LOT to tell me about. Each day they get a parent report slip sent home with them and as you can see, they ran out of room writing about Aiden's issues:

Not listed is their concern about how accident-prone he is, the two falls-with-head-injuries he sustained and how he climbs on tables and refuses to sit still and do puzzles. That's our Aiden!