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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Hybrid Décor!

Well I'm at it again! Tucking little hybrid projects in every corner, utilizing every empty hook and filling up every patch of blank wall space. Brian seems to be amazed by my ability to cram even more décor on our already-filled walls!

This little yellow sign has my favorite Laura (my sis-in-law) quote. She's such a fun, laid-back mom! I am impressed with how she instinctively runs for her camera, giggling at whatever massive mess her children have just made, not wanting to miss the opportunity to document the moment! How cool of her to think "screw the house/carpet/walls/furniture, my kids are only little once and I'm going to relish every single second!" So guess what Laura, you're getting a sign for your house, too! I saved the original photoshop document so e-mail me and let me know what color you want the background paper to be. I'll match the rest of the embellishments for you. ;)

Okay, THIS sign has been in the works for about 3 weeks. I bought the wood and had Bri cut it a couple weekends ago. I finally got around to finishing it yesterday and I just love it! The funky edge started out as a mess-up. Sams printed my image too small this time, by about 1/4 of an inch. I didn't have the heart to ask Brian to trim all the edges so I decided I would do a smudgy paint border to hide the fact that the print didn't go all the way to the edge. I painted the border and hated it. I grabbed a paper towel and tried to wipe it away but it had already dried in some places and wasn't budging. I actually kind of liked how messy it looked so I grabbed my sanding sponge and really roughed up the edges of the wood & photo paper. So the edge is this multiple-toned black painted wood, half-sanded wood, sanded photo paper, cream background print, black paint smudge, totally old world looking effect. LOVE IT! This is just proof that no matter what, you really can't mess up a hybrid. I could light the thing on fire and there would be people e-mailing me for directions on how to get "that burned look"! LOL!

This is the mother's day card I made. I started by designing my own template, mimicing other tie-front flap cards I have seen. Then I papered it, printed it and cut everything out. The embellishments are held in place by mini glue dots, 3-D glue dots and Sticky Doos foam squares. (All from Hobby Lobby.) My collection of hybriding supplies is ridiculous. Who else would need five types of adhesives to glue paper to paper?? LOL!

Okay, I'm off to work in the playroom. Brian finished building my new office-in-a-closet so now all I need to do is move my stuff in, organize and YAY! We will have a playroom by this weekend!!! And even more wall space to hang hybrid projects....... :D (I'll post pics when it's all done. We have 'before' shots, too. Yikes. LOL!)

Monday, April 21, 2008

A Little Hybrid

I had the materials printed for this hybrid over a week ago but didn't get it assembled until Saturday. It's a totally stolen idea (click for credits) but I loved it and it will be a fun car game to have for years to come!

I need to get going on my mother's day hybrids. The team is going to showcase a whole line of gifts & cards so keep an eye on the gallery for some awesome inspiration and loving, handmade gift ideas!

If you would like some hybrid help, you're welcome to come over any time for hands-on assembly training! (I think you'll be surprised by how ridiculously easy and cheap it is.) I'll teach anyone interested how to photoshop, too, so you can get started decorating your house!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Addition to the Family

And he's coming from Canada!

I found a very talented artist with a unique, playful style to make Aiden his own custom designed plush Gator. He's been named Spike and he'll be joining our family soon! I can't wait for Aiden to open the package. I think I'll leave it sitting on the entry table along with the other junk mail for him to find during his daily shredding. :)

The Reason

The reason I don't write as much on my blog any more, get as many pictures edited and can no longer keep the house straight are the same. And I can't believe how madly in love with him I am! Talk about rocking my world - every thought, idea, dream, action and belief I had previously has changed and made way for a whole new life. I'm loving every messy, maddening, gray-hair-inducing second of it!

Now, I actually DID get some pictures posted. These photos were taken this last Thursday, April 17. The beginning of the week began with Aiden getting burned (see the gauze wrapped hand?) so I'm behind on EVERYTHING. It's just after 10 am and Aiden has been up from his first nap for about 20 minutes and every picture on this page will be taken in the 45 or so minutes until his next nap. The kitchen is destroyed from the 2-day-long strudel recipe and I am just trying to get the place cleaned up. Aiden is playing happily in the living room while I scrub dough and flour off the counters. I have my back turned for probably a full minute, then I turn around to find this:

That little stinker has climbed up here all by himself! I could barely get the camera turned on fast enough!

Even better, he's actually pulling out everything I have put in. And screaming (oh, ALWAYS screaming...) because he's slipping and can't reach everything.

So we negotiate a deal. I provide the height and he loads for me.

He pre-rinses everything...

And gets the dishes loaded in the dishwasher where he can find room.

Aiden says this load is good to go and we should start the dishwasher now. (The silverware basket is my favorite! Brian would just die. I SHOULD have run it just to see the look on his face when he checked to see if the dishes were clean! LOL!)

Next, we "clean up" the floor. (Why he refused to eat his snack in the high chair I will never know. This is the 'spoiling' Brian is always talking about. I call it 'headache-prevention'.)

Leaving a small path of destruction, and with a soggy Apple Jack stuck to his cheek, our little day laborer heads off to his next task...

He sorts through all of his 'mbuks'....

...and dusts the shelves. Then he alphabatizes all of dad's mbuks....

Then we test the furniture mounting brackets dad installed....(Thank you, babe, for welding that shelf to the wall studs!)

Next we vacuum up the rice (that he dumped out of his play table) off the tile.....

...and then the dishwasher.....

Now my loading job doesn't pass inspection so he has to step in and re-arrange a few things again. (Shame on me for trying to slip back into the kitchen to clean something!)

After this, I decide I really must put the camera down and get some work done. He crawls off to shred all the junk mail he can pull off the entryway table, bang on the front window glass at all the butterflies and bumblebees outside and then he crawls back to play in the living room. I hear a few of his toys begin singing and then when their chorous ends, I realize the house has fallen silent. This is NEVER good. And I'm learning that he tends to set musical toys off before making a mad dash for something he's not supposed to play with! I'm having horrible flash-backs to Monday morning as I go running down the hall to see our bedroom door YET AGAIN pushed open and - OH MY GOSH!!!! AIDEN!!!!!

ROFL!!! We had to dock his pay for getting a facial while on the clock. (That's my Jaqua pink buttercream frosting lotion he's chowing down on.) He smelled as delicious as he looks! Thank goodness it was his nap time because I needed a break. Or at least some time to re-organize the dishwasher, push the kitchen chairs back in place, sweep the floor, put the books away, vacuum up the rice, return the vacuum attachments to their rightful place, clean up the junk mail, windex the glass and scrub lotion out of our bedroom carpet! WHEW! No wonder I don't have time for anything....but things will be better. Now that I have this new helper I'm sure Brian will be shocked with how the house looks when he gets home!

I'm going to start giving out my blog address when people ask me when we're having another baby....