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Sunday, February 1, 2009


A friend e-mailed me this article on the Etsy blog - they have put a 1 year extension on the CPSIA Mandatory Testing & Certification! I'm so happy! But not for the reason you think. :)

I'm very glad I'll still be able to get cute, handmade things for Aiden online. I hit some AWESOME clearance sales on Etsy (search CPSIA sale and store closing) and came away with some very imaginative and creativity-inspiring playthings for Aiden's birthday. Not to mention stumbling across a few incredible buys for myself! (Like a cute Michael Miller fabric zippered pouch for tampons so they don't come flying out when I get my wallet and bounce across the floor in the grocery store checkout line! Why does all the crazy stuff happen at the grocery store?)

As far as my children's jewelry goes I won't be putting it back up online. If you read more, the stay does NOT apply to children's jewelry produced after March 23 of this year. I would still be required to have all my components tested and I'm just not interested in paying tens of thousands of dollars to do it. I'd rather focus on my adult earrings and finally get some pictures taken and posted online!

Local Friends: Oh my goodness, I have been so touched by all your phone calls! Okay, okay. I am willing to take a LIMITED amount of children's bracelet & surfer necklace orders between now and March 1. You have 28 days. I've already sold off a bunch of beads so it's going to be a first-to-pay kind of thing until I run out of clasps and bead colors. Bubble gum/hot pink is nearly gone and I currently have about 20 of the baby lobster clasps in stock, which probably won't last until the end of next week. Because I was busy with the valentine craft I have a back-log of adult jewelry orders that must be completed first so please allow 10-14 days for me to make your jewelry. Money is due up front so the legal transaction date will be February 2009 with delivery before March 23rd. I'm not willing to compromise on this. Besides, I don't think you would like the $8,700 bracelet price should the sale be completed after March 23! Again, it's not who calls or e-mails me first but who completes the money exchange - keeping me legally covered - that gets her jewelry first! Friend's discount price of $7 for cat eye bracelets (was $12 online) and $10 for cat eye & Swarovski crystal bracelets (was $18 online) are still good.

P.S. Jen Clark has her own unique inventory of my designs in patterns that are just hers. I'm not duplicating those designs so please contact her if you want my fancier, extra-glittery boutique bracelets with the extension chains and little charm bead drops. ;)