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Saturday, July 3, 2010

FREE Vinyl Cutting EPS & SVG files for Cricut, Silhouette & All Vinyl Lettering Machines

Want to cut vinyl on your Cricut or Silhouette SD? We have FREE SVG files you can download instantly & tutorials to show you how all at Peppermint Creative!
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Double freebies! Get this Summery Beach Life WordArt design with it's cute hand drawn starfish shape FREE! Click the image above to download! It coordinates perfectly with our adorable surf nursery & children's room vinyl wall decal & sticker graphic design lines!
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(Shown: hula girl, palm tree, pink flamingo, hibiscus stripe surfboard, skinny finger starfish, chunky star fish, island tropical beach beauty, tahiti sweetie, beach beauty & California Cutie Surf Co designs in EPS & SVG vector format for Cricut, Sure Cuts a Lot, SCAL, Silhouette, Silhouette SD, Wishblade, Inspiration, LXi and ALL vinyl lettering cutting machines & commercial 24 to 48 inch vinyl plotters)

Our beach surf board block art is PERFECT for making glass block night light decor with christmas lights & glass squares from Lowe's & Home Depot! Easy peasy home decor crafts await with our perfectly-square BlockART™ downloadable graphics for Cricut, Silhouette & ALL vinyl cutting machines!
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Our new 4-in-1 BlockART™ graphics feature a grid-style design made up of 4 individual FULL SIZE BlockART singles! Each download includes the full-size single and a full size grid design (total of 5 files in one!) The decorating & sales opportunities are endless!
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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Making Interlocking Monograms Using Fonts & Overlap Welding for Silhouette, Cricut & All Vinyl Cutting Machines

As a graphic designer for where I design free & downloadable EPS & SVG vector shapes, I very often get the question of how do you use fonts to make a monogram that will cut on a vinyl cutting machine all as one piece without any letter lines overlapping.

It's easy to do and nearly every vinyl cutting machine has software capable of performing a simple "weld" technique to remove those letter edge overlaps. I have a QuicKutz Silhouette machine (same Craft Robo Master software as the Silhouette SD) so this tutorial will show how it is done in that software. I've been told Sure Cuts a Lot (SCAL) for the Cricut works the exact same way. Let's begin!

First, using any True Type font, type in the letters of your monogram. I have used the font Corinthia, available for purchase from As you can see in this example image, there are two places my letters overlap:

I want my T, A, and Y to all flow seamlessly one into the other and cut as one whole, solid piece of vinyl, like a sticker, so I'll need to perform a simple letter weld in the software that came with my Silhouette craft die cutting machine. First I select the entire image - all 3 letters - and click on the Weld Shapes button in my software, located along the top command bar in my software, close to the end as shown in the inset photo below:

Clicking this causes the letters to instantly weld, giving my monogram the proper appearance. It will cut out of vinyl exactly as I am intending. Here is what the connected, interlocking monogram now looks like at this stage of the tutorial:

Since this is going on my car, I want it to look cute and plain monograms are boring. I'm going to add a whimsical loopy border, which can be downloaded here or here for personal use only. I add the whimsical frame and ensure my design is centered and none of the letter tips are touching my border. Here is how my finished design looks and it's now ready to be cut out of vinyl!

For auto vehicle windshield stickers I like to use Oracal 651 vinyl. It's got a 6 year outdoor rating meaning it will stay put for at least 6 years on your vehicle and hold up well through car washes, rain storms, scorching summers and the like. If you're planning on selling car decals, this is the vinyl I recommend you cut with so your customers are pleased and come back for more.

You can use Oracal 641, which has a 4 year outdoor rating, or Oracal 631 matte which has a 3 year rating. Both of these will show wear after a couple years and the 631 will come off if a pressure washer is used on it.

Need More Monogram Frames, Mats, Shapes & Supplies?

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* Please note our freebies are updated regularly, with new ones added every single month!
If you don't see the current freebies showing on the front page, click on the pink heading titled "WordArt" and click through the pages until you find the graphic with "FREE" written in pink underneath it. Check back often for new freebies to be added - I LOOOVE giving free SVG & EPS vinyl graphics away!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

FREE SVG files for your Cricut & Vinyl Cutting Machines

There is a TON of brand new stuff at that is perfect for a baby nuseries, monograms and there are even some brand new Halloween designs! Here's a sneak peek of what you can download NOW!

(Shown: Little hula girl hawiian beach nursery graphic in the Surfer Girl Nursery EPS & SVG commercial use vector pack for Cricut, Sure Cuts a Lot, SCAL, Silhouette, Wishblade, Craft Robo and ALL vinyl cutting machines )

(Shown: Unisex boy & girl surf boards with palm trees, hibiscus & waves for pottery barn surfer baby nurseries and children's rooms decor in the Surf Board Row BlockArt pack)

(Shown: Surf Shack surfer dude room decor for vinyl cutting machines with a jeep woody stacked high with surf boards, palm tree, hibiscus, stripe surf board & surfing text in the Surf Shack BlockArt pack)

(Shown: Halloween Witch Word Art reads Would a Bad Witch Wear Shoes This Fabulous with high heel pointed witchy kitten heel shoe )
(Shown: Hocus Pocus Halloween Witches Haunted Word Art design with magic potion spell starburst pops for vinyl cutting machines in EPS, SVG & GSD file format for Cricut, Silhouette, Wishblade, Craft Robo & ALL vinyl cutting machines)

(Shown: Spells & Potions and all sorts of Commotions witches boutique halloween shop sign design graphic with magic wand, spells, potion bottles & eerie haunted starbursts for vinyl cutting machines in EPS & SVG commercial use file formats for Cricut, Silhouette, Wishblade & ALL vinyl cutting machines)
(Shown: Funny Come in for a Spell with grungy loopy decorative scrolls Halloween Witch Sign EPS & SVG file for ALL vinyl cutting machines - cute witches boutique holiday craft wood decor!)

(Shown: One Really Catty Witch Lives Here HILARIOUS Halloween holiday decor sign graphic for Vinyl Cutting Machines, Cricut SVG, Silhouette GSD & EPS file formats for witchy home craft decorating with vinyl lettering!)
(Shown: Polka Dot Baby Nursery Monogram Frames in 6 different shapes! Perfect for children's rooms, family room monograms, play rooms & label making! EPS & SVG files for Cricut, Silhouette & ALL vinyl cutting machines!)

(Shown: Scalloped Rectangle Baby Nursery Monogram Frames IDEAL for children's room monograms & personalization of wall vinyl lettering wallies & stickies!)
(Shown: Scalloped Square & Diamond Babies Nurseries Monogram Mats & Frames for personalizing children's rooms walls! In EPS & SVG for your Cricut, SCAL, Sure Cuts a Lot, Silhouette & ALL vinyl cutting machines!)

(Shown: Scalloped Edge Circle Monogram Mats & Frames for little girl baby nurseries & children's rooms & playrooms! Just like Pottery Barn personalized wallies & vinyl lettering! In EPS & SVG format for your Cricut, SCAL, Silhouette & ALL Vinyl Cutting Machines!)

100% FREE SVG Graphics FREE INSTANT DOWNLOAD for your Cricut, Sure Cuts a Lot (SCAL) & Silhouette Vinyl Cutting Machines:
For a limited time the Scalloped Oval Monogram Mats & Frames are TOTALLY FREE in EPS & SVG vector format graphic download from Perfect for baby nurseries, personalizing children's rooms, bathrooms, playrooms & making vinyl sticker labels for toys, sippy cups, wine glasses & belongings. Get the FREE SVG FILES NOW!
(Shown: Scalloped oval monogram mats & frames in EPS & SVG file format for Cricut, Silhouette & ALL vinyl cutting machines)
Have Questions About How to Get Started with Vinyl Cutting?
Check out these totally FREE blog articles on how to select a machine, import SVG graphic files, buy vinyl rolls at discount prices, where to get FREE SVG & EPS file downloads every single month and more: