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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Toothy Grin

No one will care but Brian and I - still, we're SO excited that Aiden has cut his first tooth! That little thing has caused us so much trouble this week, I'm glad it finally broke through! I was very surprised to feel it when I stuck my finger in Aiden's mouth earlier this morning. It's small and sharp - exactly what I needed while breastfeeding!

Brian got to have a play day and we have some new plants in the back yard but no scrapbook pages got done so there's no pretty pictures to post.

Cool Link:
Get your name off those credit card mailing lists so you don't have to worry about shredding those offers up or one little envelope falling into the wrong hands. Great resource. And for those worry warts out there, it's legitimate and recommended on the FTC website.

All-Night PC Party!

Yeah, it's after 1:30 am and I'm up chatting online with the other Chicks about all the new stuff on Peppermint Creative and helping out with small, last-minute details. I really like debut night!
Okay, my blog tips are up on Miss Mint's Blog:

The 30% off sale is going on, too and so is the raffle! Check the blog - every time you spend $10 you get entered into the drawing for gift cards. Miss Mint rarely does this so take advantage of it!

Can you tell I'm really addicted to this scrap stuff? I couldn't have picked a better screen name! For anyone who wants to start, these favorite kits of mine are WELL worth the $1.40 sale price:

Friday, November 2, 2007

The New Kit!

Well, all of us Mint Chicks asked enough times that we got permission to post the LO's early! (We call posting LO's with coming-soon kits "pimping" in the galleries! LOL!) So here they are, my pages from the new October Rust kit:

The last image uses Miss Mint's 2008 Calendar Stamps so you can create custom calendars for your house or to give as gifts. The papers are from the October Rust paper pack and the trim is Miss Mint's Trim Factory 2.

We all agree that this kit is by far one of the easiest to scrap with that we have ever used. All of us are cranking out amazing pages, as if our techniques have improved over-night! If you don't believe me, check out the PC Gallery: If you want to look like an instant digiscrap pro, this kit is for you!

P.S. The word is out - the sale is 30% off! Her highest discount - get it while it's cheap!

In the mood for crafts

I'm in the mood to do crafts. Maybe some holiday decorations. I still can't post my layouts using the new kit but I did finish this one of Aiden & his pumpkin that we carved:

It's one of those fake "Funkin" pumpkins so I could save it. Someday I think it would be cool to have a porch full of jack-o-lanterns, all from past halloweens. I sharpied his name and date on the bottom so I'd remember this was his first. I like how the LO turned out, too!

So let me tell you about this cleaner I used yesterday. It's called Fantastik and I have probably had this brand new bottle under my sink for a year and never opened it. I wanted to use something strong on the stovetop to remove stuff that I have managed to char on pretty darn good. I cleaned the stove about 45 minutes before Brian came home and put the cleaner away, not thinking anything of it. Yesterday evening Brian mentioned that the house smelled really nice and clean and was pleasant the whole evening, letting me get tons of computer work done. Hmmmmm! Was it the lemon cleaner? I have always joked that the smell of cleaning supplies calms him down (it really does) so maybe it was! I'm just going to have to start scrubbing everything with lemon Fantastik before he gets home!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

FUN Projects!

The new kits arrived by e-mail last night at midnight and I scrapped until late to finish an example layout for the newsletter. Today I need to get down all the Halloween decorations & lights, fill some jewewlry orders and try to get a few other projects done.

I'm under strict orders not to post any layouts until the kit debutes on Saturday but I CAN talk about these! Here is what Miss Mint is treating us all to for Halloween:

You'd never guess this freebie takes an hour to put together, zip and upload. It's on her site but you're going to have to hunt for it! Start here: and when you find it, send her a sweet message before you download!! If you need more incentive, I'm sending a small gift card amount to any friend of mine I see leave Miss Mint a comment so use a name or alias I recognize! While you're there, be sure you register on the site and sign up for the newsletter. It will have the coupon code for the sale this Saturday and info about the prizes being given away this weekend only!

I'm going to try not to gush about the new kit but HOLY COW is it awesome!!! It's a gorgeous, grungy autumn theme with the most beautiful paper leaves and EIGHT stunning papers that will do any and every fall page from September through Thanksgiving - and beyond. If you're not addicted to digi scrapping yet, you will be!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I am beginning to really love Bush-isms! (The silly words our President seems to make up on the fly.) They're hilarious and at the same time, actually convey a whole new level of meaning. Wikipedia can hardly keep up with him! I used my favorite word that I found for my title. Not that I'm really misunderestimated or anything!

Remember how I was telling you about the signs I wanted to put in my closet? Here's another one: (sorry that they all seem to deal with bras & panties! LOL!)

This is the only stuff I get to scrap in pink so when I need a pink fix, I just make another sign.

I know I have been talking about it all week but Miss Mint has a ton of new stuff coming and I can't wait to get my hands on it. Seriously, I'm checking my e-mail like a mad woman and counting the hours, wondering when it will come! I really hope I have time to scrap before we need to start emptying the house of furniture this weekend before the tile goes in. (I can already tell this tile thing is something I won't want to do many times in the future....)

As soon as I have the new goodies, I'll post layouts here! (And probably a new title bar, too!)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Catching Up

I am afraid that when someone looks at Aiden's scrap book, they would be able to see a definate advancement in my abilities and techniques! So I have deliberately NOT scrapped some of Aiden's newborn photos and I am very slowly working backwards.

I know this page looks pretty simple but I wanted it to be sweet, like something out of a newborn boy's nursery:

I used Miss Mint's Lilac Garden kit for most of this and recolored items from purple & green to blue, navy & white. I love how it looks! How did I scrap without this kit before?!!

For anyone that follows what is going on at Peppermint Creative, there is a big sale coming up this weekend with MORE than the usual give-aways! There's a bit more info on Miss Mint's blog:

This will probably be a big sale so now would be the time to pick up your Halloween, Fall & Christmas kits! Oh, and be sure to check her blog again on Saturday because she's posting a "Trick and a Treat", which usually means her blog readers will get something extra special & free!

Back to scrapping!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Fun Stuff This Week

Things are getting busy around here! Between Halloween, lunch dates and new kits coming, I have lots of fun things to do! Not to mention that tile is going in next monday. :) I'm SO excited about my new floors but I'm going to miss the computer so I have been getting in as many LO's
as I can!

All the photos are from our trip to Oklahoma. Aiden's 7 month page was my very first grunge layout and I LOVE how it turned out! That style looks so good on boy pages. I'm going to have to do more like that sometime soon and it sounds like I'll get my chance - Miss Mint said her next papers are good & grungy!

My mom called this morning and said my Christmas present is shipping to me early. I'm so excited! I'm getting an external hard drive so I can fit even more Peppermint Creative stuff on my computer! I have filled this one up in the span of about 8 weeks. It's limping along at an old man's pace and is in serious need of a "transplant". Plus, having a full computer back-up that can be grabbed in an instant during a tornado or hurricane evacuation puts my mind at ease. (Nevermind that all the website master files for both my .com and my dad's are also on this machine...) It will be nice to have everything backed up and tons of room to add more.

Well I'm off to make a big list of things I need to do before tile goes in. Has anyone done floors recently? I remember when I worked at Flooring America that the demo dust was ridiculous. It was all over the showroom whenever we changed the floors and customers who hadn't been warned called in complaining all the time. I've got the pledge disposable dusters on my shopping list because I know the blinds are going to need a swipe when it's all over...any other tips you gals have?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

More LO's!

It's been such a nice Sunday morning! The weather couldn't be more gorgeous! We went for a walk and then I finished up this layout from the party:

I thought the picture of all the kiddos in costume was cute, even though it's obvious that it was difficult baby-wrangling them all! I added names so we can remember years later who was who. I don't get to do very many girlie-ish LO's so this bright page was really fun for me!

We just had grilled shishkabobs for lunch and now I think we're going to go make s'mores! YUM!