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Friday, November 2, 2007

In the mood for crafts

I'm in the mood to do crafts. Maybe some holiday decorations. I still can't post my layouts using the new kit but I did finish this one of Aiden & his pumpkin that we carved:

It's one of those fake "Funkin" pumpkins so I could save it. Someday I think it would be cool to have a porch full of jack-o-lanterns, all from past halloweens. I sharpied his name and date on the bottom so I'd remember this was his first. I like how the LO turned out, too!

So let me tell you about this cleaner I used yesterday. It's called Fantastik and I have probably had this brand new bottle under my sink for a year and never opened it. I wanted to use something strong on the stovetop to remove stuff that I have managed to char on pretty darn good. I cleaned the stove about 45 minutes before Brian came home and put the cleaner away, not thinking anything of it. Yesterday evening Brian mentioned that the house smelled really nice and clean and was pleasant the whole evening, letting me get tons of computer work done. Hmmmmm! Was it the lemon cleaner? I have always joked that the smell of cleaning supplies calms him down (it really does) so maybe it was! I'm just going to have to start scrubbing everything with lemon Fantastik before he gets home!

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