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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Catching Up

I am afraid that when someone looks at Aiden's scrap book, they would be able to see a definate advancement in my abilities and techniques! So I have deliberately NOT scrapped some of Aiden's newborn photos and I am very slowly working backwards.

I know this page looks pretty simple but I wanted it to be sweet, like something out of a newborn boy's nursery:

I used Miss Mint's Lilac Garden kit for most of this and recolored items from purple & green to blue, navy & white. I love how it looks! How did I scrap without this kit before?!!

For anyone that follows what is going on at Peppermint Creative, there is a big sale coming up this weekend with MORE than the usual give-aways! There's a bit more info on Miss Mint's blog:

This will probably be a big sale so now would be the time to pick up your Halloween, Fall & Christmas kits! Oh, and be sure to check her blog again on Saturday because she's posting a "Trick and a Treat", which usually means her blog readers will get something extra special & free!

Back to scrapping!

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