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Sunday, January 25, 2009

In Search of Blanket - Will Pay You $20!

This stupid Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act! ARH! I swear! Before it becomes completely illegal to sell used children's items, I am DESPERATELY trying to hunt down a second star blanket for Aiden. He screams like mad any time it has to be washed, I can't imagine the blow-up if we actually lost it.

Although the blanket originally retailed for less than $5,

Here's a picture:

It is actually a LIGHT IVORY / OFF-WHITE background with sky-blue stars in 3 different sizes ranging from .5 to 1 inch in diameter. Believed to have been sold at Target in 2005/06/07, possibly under the Carter's, Circo or Lullaby Club name. It is roughly 27x37 inches and the tag has little info other than it is 100% Dacron polyester fleece from DuPont. The corners are square. (Other blankets may have an additional tag with one of these names.)

Dig through your old baby stuff and make a quick & easy $20! I can get out any stains. (Actually, Aiden's blanket is now a shade of gray so it doesn't matter what the second one looks like!)

I'll also pay $10 for any white-with-blue-somethings blanket that is 'very close' if Aiden will accept it. (He frequently got his blanket confused with his cousin's blue & white pooh blanket at Christmas so he's going mostly off feel. It seems any blanket that is mostly white, fleece and very wash-worn but soft will do. I have hope!)

Since I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation please feel free to leave a comment if you're also hunting for a duplicate lovey before they become impossible to find on February 10th! We all shop the same stores so what is gathering dust at my house could be the replacement you won't want to be without!