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Monday, November 19, 2007

Just Another Monday

Aiden can crawl but that hasn't stopped the screaming. He's resorted to VERY loud yells any time I walk "too far" away from him. The too far part changes by the hour, depending on how recent his last nap was. It could be five feet or five inches. Even worse, he's started fussing in my arms when I shift his weight and he *thinks* I'm about to set him down. All the crying is just too much for my ears to take! I give in and end up playing on the floor with him, looking around at all the little things I'd like to get done and counting down to his next nap.

I started packing for us today. says it's going to be freezing the whole time we're in Granbury and the wind chill around the lake is even colder than the actual air temperatures. The daytime high will be in the 50's the entire time we're in town. I'm so excited about the cold weather! Tomorrow I'm going to try to pick up a cute new long sleeved something to wear while I'm up there. Still kind of in between sizes. My skinny size 6 stuff doesn't fit from 2 winters ago and neither does my huge maternity stuff from last year. It seems like I'm always filling in gaps in my wardrobe, only to find more gaps....oh, well. Aiden is dropping daytime nursing sessions left & right and I've lost weight this week because of it and had my libido return. (Brian is loving that part!) Now I just can't wait to have my body be all mine again!!!

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