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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bead Room Blitz

I had a productive day in the bead room. I went through all my beads, pulled out the ones I am getting rid of, poured them into bowls organized by color and I am now in the process of re-organizing the ones I am keeping. I worked on it for 4 straight hours this afternoon while Aiden crawled around and played with (read: destroyed) everything he could get his hands on in the four surrounding rooms.

At one point, I heard him giggle, then I heard a small crash and his "I'm hurt" cry. I went running to find him on top of a pile of books in the reading corner of his room. I guessed he had been standing on his octopus plush chair while pulling books out of the organizer we have mounted to the wall when he lost his balance and fell. My guess was close. Five minutes later I heard the same giggle so I snuck around the corner to peek in. He was indeed standing on his octopus chair so that he could reach the book organizer but he wasn't thumbing through book titles. He was BOUNCING! He's figured out he can get some pretty good air off the octopus if he stands up on it and holds on to the book rack while he jumps. The books probably were in his way, so he removed them and lost his balance while throwing them over his shoulder. Little stinker! He's addicted to this type of movement. (We call it "bounce, bounce". He responds to it faster than "Ritz" and that's really saying something!) He's going to be a total daredevil, I just know it.

I still have HOURS left of work to do before the bead room is officially the playroom but it's coming along slowly. At least it's distracting me from the diet I started this week. I've told some of my friends about it and I had hoped they would join me but they seemed skeptical. Probably because you only do a reduced calorie diet (all lean meats, grains, fruits & veggies) for 3 weeks then return to your "regular" diet of 1800-2000 calories so your metabolism doesn't slow down. (This is done with 45 minutes per day of any exercise.) After a couple of weeks on your regular diet, you can do another 3 week reduced calorie roatation to continue loosing weight.

You know how you always loose the most weight in the first few weeks when you begin a diet? Well, this diet takes advantage of that. It fools your body into never slowing it's metabolism so you drop fat pounds. (You're eating enough protien/meat that you don't loose muscle IF you exercise.) About the time your body figures out what is going on, you're off the diet and it no longer "needs" to slow down because your calorie intake has increased, so it keeps going at it's normal, fast pace but you're several pounds lighter. In three weeks when I'm suddenly a jean size smaller, I'm sure I'll be talking much more about it. For now I'm determined to be back in my entire wardrobe of 6's and 8's before summer. My blog is going to be a great motivator because it will keep me accountable since I know people are reading!!! I should post some of the recipes. The chicken caesar salad we had tonight was pretty good but the herbed pork chops and french style steaks are THE BEST! We eat those all the time, diet or not. (I've done this before, two years ago and had great luck with only one rotation. That's when I put together the recipes.) So stay tuned and let's see how I do!

Before I go, here is a parting shot of Aiden's blatant disregard for Evenflo's intended product usage:

I will DEFINATELY be scrapping this!


Kelsey said...

That picture of him is adorable! I love it! Glad youre organizing the bead room. The Young Women will have so much fun with all those supplies. THANKS a million. Can't wait to see some more l.o's.

Susie said...

I have several pics of Brooklyn crawling around under her exersaucer! I've yet to find a baby product that those infants use the 'right' way!