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Monday, January 28, 2008

Take Two and Stay Up Until Morning

What happens when you take two Excedrin with a Diet Coke for a splitting headache when you have been avoiding caffeine for two years? You are wired until about two in the morning with nothing to do but re-design your website and make a new blog header!

If you stumble onto my site, you'll see I have a whole new color scheme and I have removed several jewelry items. (Friends can order binky clips and earrings through me so long as I still have the supplies. Otherwise I am done making them.) Don't freak out, the bracelets are staying up. I will still make those but since my moods tend to change swiftly, you might want to place an order for anything you have really been wanting. I am dropping my bead inventory to a more manageable size and there will be some bead colors I no longer stock. This is so we can turn the new playroom closet into my "bead room" and I can close and lock the doors to keep Aiden from swallowing too many of my supplies!

You might also notice I added birth announcements and photo editing to my site. While I am spending all this time in photoshop any ways, I might as well be paid for it! I need to put up some example images in the next several weeks. Ohhhhh, the projects!

Speaking of which, I came home from San Marcos with an Xterra full of goodies! We hit the Pottery Barn outlet pretty hard. Half of the items are gifts but I did find the COOLEST magnetic chalkboard for FIVE DOLLARS!!! No lie! It's about two feet long and a foot wide and is ridiculously heavy. But I can't wait to get it up on the wall! I got a few other decorating and organizing items and Aiden got a set of surfer twin sheets that match the brown & blue surf bedding I got from PBK on clearance last year. SCORE! Honestly, I didn't pay more than $20 for any one item. The savings from that store alone were worth the trip and the cost of the gas. Girls, we need to do a run out there later this spring before the back-to-college rush hits. The clearance aisles were the best things ever. Some of my things were $2 - $5 that are regularly $29-$60 in the catalogs. We'll organize a caravan road trip!

PC News: Kits will come but maybe not this week. TONS of new things going on. You'll hear a lot more in February. I know we are all excited for new stuff to scrap with!

Brian & Aiden: You two really are my whole life. I love you both very much and truly am beyond happy. It's hard to believe that things could possibly get any MORE fun but I know they will as Aiden grows. We're in for some really great times this year!

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