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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Do you REALLY know your friends?

This is my blog so I can brag. It hit me late this evening that I have been hiding a talent. Behind the photoshop junkie you all know and love is an even older artist. I first put pencil to paper during these SUPER boring videos we used to watch in 4th grade. They were fun to watch the first time through but by the sixth showing, we were all falling asleep. (Probably why the teachers showed us the shut us all up!) We were supposed to be taking notes but somehow my spiral pages filled up with little cartoons and doodles. A couple years later I figured out I could draw Disney characters well enough that I was accused by my classmates of tracing them. I have cartooned animals since then but I bet most of you have never seen any of them. Until now!

I sketched these really quick. They're pencil on computer paper that's been photographed badly. Hope you don't mind! Dogs were always my favorite to draw because I have always had them. This is Scout, my dad's dog that we grew up with who passed away long ago:

This one is for Kelsey. This is Kiko: (perhaps a few years younger! Sorry I couldn't exactly remember her markings)

Of course Major has to be included, too. Here he is keeping all his toys away from Aiden. (He really does this. Rotten doberman...)

When I was in high school I always imagined cartooning would be so handy. I could simply sharpie a quick character on blank white paper for my children to color for endless hours of entertainment. Hopefully Aiden likes to color!!

So there you have it. Before Photoshop channeled all of my creativity into a digital medium, I was cartooning and going through blank paper as fast as my parents could buy it.

Now back to the digital decay of my drawing talents: scrapping!!! LOL!


Alisha said...

Wow, those look great. I can't even draw a stick figure...I do not have any artistic abilities!

Crystal said...

wow, shanta' I never knew! they are great!

Susie said...

Those are so cute! Very talented!