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Monday, February 4, 2008

Here's My First Layout

I have been saying for weeks that I would post the first LO I ever did on my blog and today I finally got around to doing it:

It is such a simple page but I still like how it looks! It's just a polaroid frame tucked behind some ribbon strips with a small element cluster. Nothing too fancy but it was a great place to begin. (Take my advice and start off with something EASY!)

Diet: The Superbowl party last night was bound to do me in. I actually was pretty good but perhaps I had a bit too many cheese & crackers because for the first time since I started the diet, I didn't loose any weight yesterday. Oops! Not a problem, I'll just keep going like nothing happened and in the end, it won't matter hardly at all. I am proud of myself that I didn't have a single brownie! It was the smoked gouda cheese that did me in.....LOL! I really love gourmet cheese!

You can probably tell the bead room and other projects are keeping me away from my blog. Miss Mint is giving us a two week break and I am kind of enjoying being computer-free for a while. I just have to get that playroom put together.... Thanks for installing all the shelves in the closet for me, Bri. You are SO HANDY! I love it!

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Dani said...

So cute, Tay! You're right...those eyes are amazing! He is such a cutie! And once again, your layouts are amazing - even your first one!!! :)