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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Really Quick Page & Post

I fear I may forever be back-scrapping! I hadn't done Aiden's 2 month title page yet and when I paired this picture with these elements, it came toegther quickly. I'm really loving some of my new supplies! (Of course there is still quite a bit of Miss Mint's stuff on this page, too.) Aiden will have a good mix of layout styles in his book. Isn't this picture of him asleep in Brian's arms priceless?

How can it already be going on 2 pm? This day has FLOWN by. I need to get to the store for some more fresh foods but that will have to wait until Aiden wakes up from his nap. Oh, that reminds me!

Diet Update: Glad I kept going because this morning the scale had dropped. I keep telling myself I'm getting skinnier by the minute to encourage me to keep eating my turkey sandwiches and apple slices instead of chips & dip. I really, really need to add more exercise though. (No, Kels. I'm not interested in joining the gym until Aiden can walk and not have to be fussing in the under-one corral while I work out!) I think I'll get back in to going to the workout room at night. I do enjoy working out at night with my iPod blaring! Maybe I'll download some new songs and go hit the elliptical tonight!

If you are going to do this diet, beware. You will need to make 2-3 trips to the grocery store per week to keep fresh foods in the house and it takes a bit more preparation & cooking time than usual. I didn't realize how many convenience foods, like bagged salad kits, boxes of rice pilaf or stuffing, cans of soup and other things like that I was using. They make life so much easier! The funny thing is this diet is more expensive because of how much lean meat, fresh dairy & produce you consume. Good food is so EXPENSIVE these days!


Kelsey said...

Great job on the diet! And that lo is perfect. You have really found your own unique style that is virtually uncopiable! LOVE IT!

Alisha said...

Cute layout. Excellent work on sheding those pounds. Want to shed some for me too?