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Thursday, February 7, 2008

House Cleaning & A Lesson on 10 Month Olds

Since monday was full of visiting friends, today was my house cleaning day. Really not that exciting.... Aiden is learning to play by himself pretty well (read: get in to everything on his own pretty well) but he still does want a lot of my attention. I am learning to rotate toys and working as fast as I can to get that STUPID bead room organized. (We pulled everything out of the closet to install new shelves and I am sending three pieces of furniture home with my mom, so all the items in the drawers must come out. This is why it is taking FOREVER!) The floor is finally clear enough for Aiden to really sprawl out and play, although the project is still on-going. The rest of the closet shelves will need to be built by my handsome, handy hubby once all the furniture is out and the sorting and organizing will continue. Seriously, I wish someone would have told me this project was going to take months.

The thing I learned today is that if you need to get something done, play with the baby FIRST! I know that sounds backwards but honestly, it works. When I just couldn't take the fussing any more, I sat down to play with Aiden. After about 8 minutes he was tired of my company and was playing on his own again. So I got up and had a good 20 minutes of peace to get things done! (Of course I came back to find the junk mail pulled out of the trash we keep next to the mail center but whatever. That small mess is worth the quiet time!) When he started crawling after me and fussing from boredom again, I let him hold the vacuum nozzle, while the vacuum was running, and pointed it under the kitchen cabinets. We have a Dyson so it can suck things up from several inches away. He didn't seem to like the noise but all his jerky movements nudged the vacuum hose around enough that it actually did vaccum up all the crumbs he'd managed to get under there for the day and bought me just enough time to get the towels put away! Us poor moms and the things we have to deal with. Brian STILL has not had Aiden for a full 12 hours while trying to clean a whole house. I think he realizes it's difficult but you don't really KNOW until you have done it. With a crabby 10 month old....who is coming down with his FIFTH cold in four weeks! Is it crazy to say that even after all of this, I am still so happy to be his mom and have the opportunity to stay home with him?!! LOL!

When I'm old, I know I will have forgotten about all the screaming, snot-wiping and messes and all I will remember from today is playing on the floor. And maybe that I let him vacuum! :)


Kelsey said...

How did you train a boy to already start house cleaning? Now that is impressive! What a hunk! He will have all the girls drolling even more if he can keep that up!

Susie said...

Brooklyn cries whenever the vacuum is on...I can't believe he held onto it!

I totally agree about the 'little messes'. You just have to allow those to get anything done!

Hope his cold clears up soon and that he doesn't get any more!