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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Nice Weekend

The breaks on the truck went out, we spent $270 fixing it, Brian was stuck at the auto garage for three hours while I went to meet with Brother Davis about a calling that I had to turn down (because Brian teaches during the same hour and Aiden is WAAAY too young for nursery!), Berry Hill changed it's opening time and we got there an hour too early, I had to breastfeed in the bathroom at the mall and we didn't get half of the Christmas shopping done that we needed but Brian and I both agree it was a pretty good weekend! (Read: Tay wasn't on the computer hardly at all and Brian got some attention.)

So Bri got the "family time" he wanted and I got behind on layouts. Just finished up this one tonight:

The idea of quilting the background papers came to me while I fell asleep last night. I have a few other layout ideas I'm dying to use but I seem to be spending nearly 2 hours on each page which I need to cut down on. (Or maybe it's two hours because I have to stop every few minutes and tend to a screaming Aiden or answer one of Brian's annoying I-hope-this-gets-her-off-the-computer questions.) *SIGH* Nevertheless, I really love these photos of Aiden. In fact, he's suddenly become very photogenic and lots of his pictures are turning out adorable. Where is that cold front?? I need my outdoor pictures!

By the way, I just picked up a box of the Aquafresh White Trays because I have never bleached my teeth before but I have wanted to lately. (I had a coupon for $5 off! You know me and coupons....) The first tray set was horrible. Messy, gaging horrible. And while I still dislike the "trays" (nasty, inflexible, Solo cup-like plastic) I have figured out how to get through the 30 minutes with them in place. Today is day 3 of bleaching and I'm seeing some pearlier whites! Maybe this will make me more photogenic?? LOL!!

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