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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tootsie Rolls & Puppy

Those are Aiden's two favorite things today. The tootsie rolls he got at Kelsey's house, left over from Blake's birthday party. And he loved it, probably because they are a no-no. (For all the grandmas reading this and having a heart attack, you probably have forgotten the screaming tantrums even six month olds are capable of and when you want the twins to stay asleep, you compromise by pulling the paper wrapper, which is less nutritious and more of a choking hazard, out of his mouth and let him suck on the candy. Like any of YOU will have to do the spot treating on the chocolate drool!)

His other favorite thing is Puppy. That's it's official name. It's probably going to be his transition object but I don't care about that right now. All I care about are the near-magical properties it has at 3:56 am to get a wide-awake Aiden to be quiet and fall back asleep! He really does seem to love it. I took this picture the other night of him after he fell asleep cuddling with it:

Usually he falls asleep with his thumb still in his mouth, too. Oh, and we don't lay Aiden in his crib that way. We actually lay him the complete opposite direction but every night he twists into this position, with his head & feet touching the rails. Since this seems to be his sleeping preference, I have never put the crib bumper on for fear he'll get caught or suffocate in it. (Yeah, I know, I'll let him have Tootsie Rolls but crib bumpers are out of the question!!)

Yesterday we went to the park and I finally remembered to bring the camera! Unfortunately swings put Aiden to sleep. FAST. So all of his pictures are pretty groggy looking. I'll post the layout when I'm done - I'm hoping I have time to finish it tonight. We'll see!!

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