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Friday, October 12, 2007

I Love Eagle Springs!

This neighborhood has been so good to us! The couple across the street, who have a boy close to Aiden's age, invited us (and all of Hunter's Grove!) to their son's first birthday last Saturday. It was so fun to meet all the neighbors and make some new friends! I'm so thankful to have great families living around us and to live in such a beautiful community.

Of course, the ward has been great, too. There are dozens of girls that I absolutely adore and love being friends with. We always have the best time going out to lunch, arranging playdates or scheduling other fun activities. Every week it's something new! I am loving this time in our lives. Aiden is only 6 months and already he's gotten to do so much! (Even better are the pictures & scrap book pages we'll all have to remember the good times!)

Lately our favorite activity have been our morning walks to go play at the park. We have been doing this for a while but this morning was the first time I remembered to bring my camera! Of course, I had to do a layout!

I usually keep Aiden in his jammies for our walks. They keep him warm when it's cool in the morning and reduce the amount of skin mosquitos have access to. There are three parks near us that we like to stop at. These are a nice break for Aiden who, as you can see, loves to swing and sit in the "holey tube"! It's a nice break for me, too. I leave my phone with the stroller for Major to guard (because this is when everyone calls to plan the day's get-togethers and activities) and I go play with Aiden. It's great!

Speaking of Major, he always comes with us. I've noticed that Major, who usually walks nicely with a loose leash, will walk a little faster so he can peer around the edge of the stroller to see Aiden. I usually scold him and make him walk behind the stroller with me but it's been kind of cute to see him pull forward a little, check, and then adjust his pace to walk back by me. Is he finally going to be protective of Aiden? My guess is he's just checking to see if Aiden has a teething biscuit or something else yummy that would be easy to steal! LOL!

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