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Monday, October 8, 2007

I don't feel like thinking of a title...

Love this pic of the guys. I am really getting in to embellishing photos just for fun. I like that I have a place to put them here and I might have a few printed for Aiden's photo book.

The weather is gross today. We were going to go swimming, and some other friends invited us to the park, but I don't know if either are going to happen on this yucky, muggy day.

I got a ton of new scrapbook stuff this weekend and I almost can't decide where to start. I'm dying to do a pumpkin patch layout. (Kels, when we go, you can have a copy to put your photos in!) I'm also excited about the day hike we planned during our Oklahoma trip. I'll do a layout of that, too, with the grandparents. I'm really excited about that trip!

While Aiden is alseep, maybe I should try to get more work done. I'll post any pages I finish!

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Kelsey said...

As always, too cute! I feel like that is all I write on here =) You're amazingly talented! That picture of the 2 of them is so cute!