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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another post so soon?

Hey, I've always got stuff to write. It's whether or not I have the time! Tonight I'm sick of looking at both Photoshop and Illy so the blog is getting some attention.

Aiden was his usual self today. Snuck a cupcake and two muffins he wasn't supposed to have before dinner and then boasted "Yummy toast!" as he took giant mouthfuls of the hamburger bun he scaled the fridge to reach. I have no idea how he did it but he did. He's also learned to open doors with child proof knob covers on them (back to the drawing board First Years designers) and breaks into the office to steal my orange hilighters. I scrubbed several marks off the door and (shhhh....Brian's X-Box) last week and am totally fine that Aiden now opts to scribble on his own hands. It gives me ten additional seconds to notice the house has fallen quiet and race to find him.

Breakfast Cupcakes: Seriously, I couldn't remember why these weren't allowed but I do know that cupcakes without frosting (aka: muffins) for breakfast sound much more reasonable to pediatricians/no-sugar mommies/persons over 50 so we made some "muffins". Read: spice cake mix with raisins. They're freaking good and well, they're cake so getting Aiden to eat them is....cake! That is if there are any leftover after Brian's late-night raids. I can hear the microwave door opening every couple of minutes, Bri, and I know that's not the most creative place to hide them but save some for the kiddo!

Crashin': It sounds the best when Aiden says it and right now EVERYTHING 'crashin's'. He still plays with the train table Brian made him for his birthday but rarely does Thomas make it around the loop. Typically he's happily driven a few millimeters before being plowed off the track by Frank the combine harvester from Disney's Cars. (Which, by the way, was NOT an easy character toy to find and now spends its days harassing Thomas, Percy and Sir Topham Hatt.) After a few good smash-up, bang-up sessions the entire slew of trains, tractors and wreckage parts get thrown in the doll stroller for a nice run around the house. These are just a few of the reasons why I call Brian once or twice a day at work to simply inform him "your child is crazy", laugh and hang up. Honestly, I should have him start blogging just about these phone conversations. He hears an Aiden story every 1-3 hours and they come so frequently, only the ones that have me laughing almost to tears do I recall long enough to record here!

There is one downside to all the crashin' and that is the marked-up walls. All cars at our house drive perpendicular to the floor, straight down the center of the wall three feet off the ground. He's been doing it so long (and ignoring my discipline) that there are actual tire marks at four different heights, showing his growth between the time this bad habit started and now. The small black shelf in the living room is known as The Impound and can often be found lined with vehicles that have been taken away for that hour/day/week/lifetime. His favorite drywall dinger is a car that has removeable rubber tires. (Remember the ones he put down the drain a month or two ago? Yep. That car.) Any ways, it's a cool looking slab but with it's tireless chrome rims, it looks like Aiden left it parked in a questionable corner of the playroom overnight and found it on cinder blocks the next morning. As soon as any other car is impounded, he goes for this candy-paint wall-chewer with it's beveled rims to REALLY show me what he can do to the walls. Brian, your child is crazy.

BTW: I guess I'd better post who got a new head in the photo below because Brian SAW me working on it and still thought it was him! LOL! No, it was ME who got the new head! Look all you want, you won't find a tell-tale mark. (Thanks to Kelsey who took two nearly-identical pictures!) If you want to search, the 'line' is in the middle of my necklace. Now if only I could keep my eyes open, look at the camera and not smile like I'm about to sneeze, huh Kels? ;)


Alisha said...

I love hearing your Aiden stories. It makes me feel so much better that my children aren't the only ones with so much energy! :)

Brit said...

haha! I love boys!

larshannon said...

You have Frank?!? He is hard to find. I love your crazy Aiden stories.