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Monday, July 27, 2009

Wait! One More Aiden Story!

I almost forgot to post this one! It happened the day after I posted the necklace pictures below. Aiden was playing in the living room while I was shuttling cleaning supplies from the kitchen to the bathroom. All of a sudden I heard Aiden cry out in pain and exclaim "Car! Diaper!" I turned to look at him, wondering how a car & diaper had anything to do with each other. He actually had tears in his eyes as he very clearly said "HURT! Penis!" through the sobs. That got my attention, since I'd like to have grandchildren someday, so I opened his diaper to find...indeed, a car. Parked vertically at a very uncomfortable angle and pinching his skin right where he said! LOL! He was fine but Aiden doesn't drive his cars into tunnels any more...or stash them in his diaper!

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