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Monday, July 27, 2009

Family Pics: Better Late than Never!

I have a good excuse: work is REALLY busy this time of year because I have to have all holiday stuff done by August. You know how crazy your November is? I now have crazy Julys AND Novembers! LOL! Any ways, I FINALLY had Kelsey order our prints this weekend and I wanted the family to see:

Bet you can't tell which one of us I had to crop a new head on because said person wasn't smiling right! Go on, take a guess!

Dan & Laura, I haven't forgotten about your request from 2 years ago for a horizontal 4x6 of the family. Sorry it took the 'photoshop pro with a photographer friend' so long to get one to you. Watch your mail box soon!

1 comment:

emblair said...

Your pictures always look awesome! Wish I could say the same...I can't even convince my other half to participate in professional pics, and Miss Molly has a mental block against them. Yay for me!