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Monday, August 3, 2009

Anthng But The Usual is Our Usual

I flipped open my planner this morning to find our week delightfully UN-scheduled. It's the first time this has happened in MONTHS (since last August maybe?) and I'm fully planning on getting some serious items off my to-do list. Later. This morning we have shamelessly vegged out. We've played, watched a movie, had a leisurely lunch and I even got a baby shower card made. It's been a wonderful morning! This afternoon I'm going to tackle bathroom cleaning and see about getting some christmas shopping done while Aiden naps. Ah, what a deliciously calm, laid back day!

Aiden can count to.....S
This is hilarious, mostly because we can't get him to stop! He can count to six but being the comedian he is, he prefers to count to something that gets him the best reaction. Randomly thoughout the day he'll begin counting some objects and - no matter how many there are - he'll say one, two, three, four, five, nine, S! It's ALWAYS a random nine thrown somewhere in there, followed by S! His pre-school teachers will be so thrilled. ;)

Bucket Head
Wish I had a picture for you - it would be all the funnier! We bought Aiden a little plastic play food set that came in a clear plastic bucket. Of course the packaging has been the best toy ever! He frequently puts it all the way over his head (suffocation style) and runs around the house squealing and laughing, which echos inside the bucket. It's quite humorous and just one of the many reasons that we think he's nuts!

Fleece Obsession
Aiden's favorite star blanket is fleece. And so is "nemo blanket" - the blue fleece blanket with orange clown fish that my mom gave him last winter to keep warm during nap times. Also floating around the house is an orange fleece scarf and Spike the fleece alligator I had a seller on Etsy make for him nearly a year ago. He's been sleeping with star blanket since he was 8 months old and added Nemo blanket this last January. This week the orange scarf has been requested at every bed time and just this morning Spike was added to the must-have mix. Even all wadded up, this is a 36x36 inch mound of fleece. Add this to Mack Truck and the various other Cars character Aiden insists he needs to sleep and his crib looks like a messy dresser drawer at each nap time. I have no idea how he gets any sleep...

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Western Family said...

Tanner is the same way. He just started really wanting to sleep with things so now in his bed are 3 beanie bears (elephant, lion, & monkey) Simba and Nila from his old nursery that he did not know he had till he moved to the astro room. A baseball bear, his new Build a Bear monkey that makes sounds, a cheap killer whale toy from Target and there is no telling how many baseballs in bed. Last night he even told the TV goodnight. Our boys are so funny.