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Monday, November 3, 2008

Secret Pottery Barn Kids Codes???

Sounds like an Urban Legend, right? IT'S NOT! I was skeptical myself but I really wanted a beautiful pair of light blue pajamas for Aiden to wear and they just were NOT going on sale fast enough! So I thought why not? I'll try the 'secret' codes. Here's the proof:

What's Online Right Now: Solid Flannel Pajamas

What's Hidden And Only Available if You Have the Link: SALE Solid Flannel Pajamas

E-mail me if you want the link to make the $45 shopping cart $39. :)

Edited To Add: No more e-mails!!!! LOL! Look up these items on PBK THEN use my links to see the lower prices/sale prices.

Abigal Jewelry Box: $28.99 LOWER Sale Price

Discount on Some Canvas Tote Colors/Sizes: Totes Price Swap & MORE On Sale

Shopping Cart: $39 Price Swap

Plush Playfood Candy Apples for $8.99 (down $1): CandyApples

Red or Pink Toaster for $29 (not $49): Toaster

Red or Pink Mixer for $49 (not $59): Mixer

Fabric Tea Set: SALE Priced

Color Wheel Toy: SALE Priced

Wood Animal Block Puzzle: $23.99 Price Swap

Memory Flash Cards: SALE Priced

Wood Number Puzzle: $12.99 Price Swap

Wood Alphabet Puzzle: $23.99 Price Swap

Octagon Play Mat: SALE PRICE

Tone Bells: $29.99 Price Swap

Pink Tea Set: $55.99 Price Swap

Geography Wall Clocks: $29.99 Price Swap

Thanksgiving Turkey Plush: SALE Price

Thanksgiving Countdown Calendar: SALE Price

Thanksgiving Leaf Garland: SALE PRICE

Thanksgiving Table Cloth & Runner: Sale Price

Pink or Red Metro Phone: $64.99 Sale Price

Christmas Advent House: $99 Special Price

Some Stockings On Sale: Quilted Stockings

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