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Friday, October 31, 2008

Family Halloween Fun & A Tay Story

Alright, I've gotten things a bit out of order here so let's back up to last Friday October 24. Our neighbors three doors up were having a pumpkin carving party that night so Aiden and I went up to HEB the morning before to buy a pumpkin. When we got there, the nine foot stacked hay bale display out in front of the store had been stripped of all the pumkins that were easiest to reach around the middle. Scattered along the ground were the deformed rejects that couldn't even stand upright and on top of the higher bales were other pretty pumpkins that no one was brave enough to scale the tower for. Well, almost no one.

Near the top I spied a BEAUTIFUL pumpkin. It had a long stem, a plump, symmetrical shape and a broad, smooth face for carving. I parked Aiden in a shopping cart where he couldn't reach or touch anything, hopped the decorative split-rail fence (to keep people off the hay stack) and climbed it myself. Aiden was quiet for a moment as he watched me then his loud scolding "NO, NO, NO!" caught the attention of all the middle-aged women passing by. Several glanced at me with understanding looks, one even smiling until her eyes crinkled, obviously pleased that I was being such a good little mommy and carving pumpkins with my child. One older woman actually stopped and asked if I would get her a pumpkin while I was up there, too! I climbed down from the bales with my prized pumpkin, dusted the hay off myself, finished my shopping and went home.

Fast forward to Friday night when we have Aiden and the pumpkin loaded in the wagon. We're half-way to the neighbors house when I look at the back of my pumpkin for the first time and gasp. Brian wheels around to see me staring wide-eyed with my hand over my mouth before I burst into a roar of laughter. My perfect pumpkin with it's beautifully smooth face is also anatomically correct:

He's got the cutest pumpkin butt I have ever seen! Of course, I'm the only person who would climb a store display in broad daylight to unknowingly pick out the only pumpkin in all of Houston that could match my humor!

Here he is all carved up. I doodled the face and Brian did the flawless carving. Great job babe!

Okay, next party. Saturday the 25th was our church Halloween party. Aiden and I dressed up as pirates and since Brian went as himself, I had him take the picture of us:

We really had a lot of fun! Most of the adults dressed up and everyone got a kick out of Aiden's tattered-hem cropped pants. (Little did they know that although the costume is 2T, the pants aren't supposed to be 'cropped'. His legs are just THAT LONG! Notice the sleeves fit fine?) It was a great party, mostly because my fun and trendy friend Rachel organized it and her family's excitement about dressing up really got everyone into it. She decorated the gym over the top with a HUGE spider web that spanned the entire ceiling! Excellent party Rach!

I'll post the trick or treat pics next but for now I need to get off the computer and pay Brian some attention - he's hardly seen me today and every conversation earlier was interrupted by trick-or-treaters!


Susie said...

LOL!!! That is the funniest pumpkin! Great story, Tay!

Kelsey said...

Only you could pick that pumpkin. I love it! You are so funny. Aiden looks FAB!

emblair said...

Tay...I think YOU look FAB! And love the new blog heading too!

Brit said...

I almost peed my pants...that is the funniest post.

grammawood said...

Love your pumpkin. What a find!