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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Silver's House: It's Scary

Really, the amount of time I have put into the Halloween decorating is frightening! LOL!

Special Note: This blog post is for my sister and all the out-of-town family so they can see what our house looks like with all our halloween decor up. I'm not starting any competitons (I'd loose, I'm too cheap to buy more things) nor am I trying to show off my mediocre decorating skills (I'll take ideas if you have them!) I just want my family to see! Friends are welcome to read along but even more welcome to come over and hang out with me and a bag of halloween candy!!! LOL!

Okay, FIRST let me say that the whole 'effect' is lost on viewers because you can't smell the scent of fall in my entry way. I snagged this delicious little room spray for $3 at Bath & Body Works and I LOVE it!

It smells like cinnamon and a walk in the woods. I'm nuts about it and I love that 4 sprays scent the front half of the house for 6 hours! The fragrance really adds a lot to the whole ambiance that these photos lack. Just thought you should know that! :D

Alright, let's start outside the front door. Here you will see our (somewhat unimpressive) Halloween lights and the grinning bats* & purple spider web in the windows:

*Any lopsided or injured bats are the work of Aiden. PETA would probably like to have a word with him.

After you have stumbled in, wondering why on earth I piled so many lights in the plant pot (so the purple glitter "Beware" sign will sparkle at night), you notice this on the wall in front of you:

Yes, this is false advertising. There are no sweet treats at all.
Now wondering exactly how much vinyl I have wasted, you turn to your right and find our mail center and more decor: (Look! The shadow box is full of real candy! Ingenious decor until Aiden notices it...)

The little yellow bucket is stuffed with suckers and the orange vinyl phrase over the black witch hat reads "Take One My Pretties!" The purple glitter shelf sitter says "Hocus Pocus" and the green shelf sitter says "A Little Monster Lives Here". The big orange gerber daisy was the item we simply could not leave Hobby Lobby without the other day. I owed it a good home and my sincerest gratitiude for entertaining my child for 45 minutes so, since it was 50% off, I bought it and placed it by the little monster sign. Can't imagine who that little monster would be......... Moving on!

This fabulous $5 HomeGoods find is what has replaced the welcome sign on our entry closet door: (with more rabid animal vinyl decals)

And here is our spider friend again with a new cute thing hanging off the office door:

Down the hallway is our mirror where my hot pink-ish Boo sign, bright orange pumpkin and black vinyl bats all sit:

And that's about it! I'm sad to say that it looks much better in person but I'm not expecting anyone to drive down to see it.

In case you were wondering, between the front door, the wall decals & the lettering for my newest shelf sitters, I have used 6 sheets of 8x15 inch vinyl. Not very much at all but I think it really adds a fun touch! (Or at least I'll think it's fun until I have to take it all down.)

Hugs & Happy Halloween!

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Kelsey said...

I am so glad that I have someone else to share in the Halloween decor love with! Your house looks Spooktacular! ha ha- cheesy for you. You've done great and on a budget. I need that spider with the eek. Crank it out, k? =)