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Thursday, October 9, 2008


They've taken over my life. I think I might be getting close to having my fill. Today cleaning the shower and mopping the floors sounded good! Before I get back to work, here are some pics of things I don't know if I have posted yet:

Another fun, bright Halloween card! Yay!

These are the valentine treat buckets we're making in January. Can you tell they're tiny? I love 'em!

I like the layering of all the elements on this card and the glitter dots I added along the scallops. One of my favorite cards that I have made this month!

Alright, back to mundane, less creative things to give my brain a break!


April Johnston said...

You are amazing....... I love all your stuff. You really need to let me buy stuff from you.....april

Susie said...

You are seriously the crafting queen. I'm totally in awe! :)

-from the completeoppositeofcraftyqueen!

larshannon said...

You have been really, really busy!