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Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Wagon Story

I already mentioned that while my parents were in town they brought down the wagon for Aiden's birthday. It's a truly beautiful gift and I was SO excited to get it because it would make our casual afternoon walks outside a lot easier. (Not to mention the thing has as many cup holders as the Xterra. I kid you not.) I believe I also mentioned that we put the wagon together and took Aiden for a ride to the park. But I have left a very critical part of the story out until now....

The wagon was freshly assembled and still sitting in the living room when I loaded Aiden in and - thank goodness - buckled him in tightly. We were about to leave when I decided to run to the bathroom and called for my parents to "hang on really quick". My mom never listens, especially when she is excited about something. While I was in the bathroom, she wheeled the wagon out onto the front porch and *BAM!* I heard the wagon crash and Aiden let out a real scream. I came rushing out to find my mom holding Aiden, him crying loudly and a look of total terror in his eyes. She had wheeled the wagon straight off the huge porch step while Aiden had his fingers in his mouth and when it landed with a massive thud that tossed and rattled his poor little body, he had bit his tongue or his fingers - we weren't sure - but he was extremely upset. (After a few more tears, he actually did let us take him to the park in it, for the first and last time.)

Fast forward to the next day, which was Thursday. I put Aiden in the wagon, wheeled it about a foot and he starts crying. By the time we reach the end of the driveway he's screaming so loud, the neighbors six and seven houses up are staring at me. I figure the incident is still too fresh in his mind and decide to put it off until later. Friday I try again. By the time I pull the wagon veeeery slowly over the tiny lip of the garage, he's bawling. I thought that maybe once he was out & about he would quiet down and enjoy the ride. Nope, he screamed the whole way down to the end of the cul-de-sac and back. The wagon got put away. Brian and I tried again this morning and he started crying as soon as Bri stood in front of it! We did manage to get him buckled in but he was so distraught we didn't have the heart to even pull the wagon out of the garage.

So there the wagon sits, all pretty and new, for the little boy who is deathly afraid of it because his Grandma is a bad driver!!!

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