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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Twenty Seven (And I Know Everything)

Not really, but I certainly do know more about myself, life and what I want to accomplish than I did a few years ago! As silly as it sounds, I have been SO EXCITED to be in my "late twenties". I have always thought this would be one of the best times in life and I was right. I feel confident, self-assured and educated enough to be the wife and mother I have always envisioned. It's so funny how free you feel when you outgrow some of your old thoughts and ideas!

So what does one with a Valentine Birthday do? Well, here's the funny thing. We actually NEVER go out to dinner on Valentine evening. I, of all people, have much more of a right to be taken out to dinner but since everyone and their dog is trying to eat out at the same time, we postphone my birthday dinner until later when we can enjoy ourselves and not battle any crowds. (This isn't as bad as it sounds. Prolonging your birthday celebrating can be fun!) On Valentine morning Brian always has a surprise for me. This morning it was a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a MASSIVE box of Godiva chocolates (that are staying in the box until my diet is over!) and some very sweet cards from him and Aiden. Aiden gave me some candy, too, but was careful not to out-do his dad, since he's already cuter than his dad - or so the card said! LOL! (Like anything could trump Godiva.....) LOL! I love you, Brian! Thanks for the best chocolates in the world!

Yesterday while my parents were in town, they brought the wagon they bought for Aiden's birthday because they just couldn't wait to give it to him! We put the wagon together and then all took Aiden for a walk up to the park. My dad commented a couple different times about how pretty the neighborhood was and how lucky I was to be able to stay home with Aiden. (I wish Brian could have heard him.) After the second or third time he said something, I began thinking about how right he was. I really am living a dream. We own a darling house, I get to stay home with my beautiful baby all day, we have wonderful friends that I see nearly every day, there are gorgeous parks and places to go for a walk and I have the opportunity and Brian provides the ability for me to have multiple hobbies and do so many fun activities. What a life! And babe, even though I sometimes may seem ready to pull my hair out by the time you get home, I really do love all of it! Thank you so much for everything. Happy Valentine's Day. And I hope you're looking forward to March 14th! ;)


Muggle Mom said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelsey said...

One year older and wiser, too! Happy Birthday Valentines girl. You are a good sport about sharing your special day with the rest of the world! Love ya!

MissMInt said...


Susie said...

Happy Birthday, Tay! You must have amazing will power to resist those Godiva's. I had some at Christmas and they were SO good! Hang in there till you can eat them!

Alisha said...

Happy Birthday! HOORAY!