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Friday, February 15, 2008

Scrap Break

Notice how I haven't posted a layout in ages? Even my blog header is now out-of-date. I have only been on the computer to check e-mails and to do the most basic tasks, like online bill pay. I just haven't scrapped much. Probably because I don't have many pictures that I'm dying to scrap right now.

It's been interesting that I have felt like such a good mom when I'm not scrapping! (At least during the daytime.) Aiden & Major have been on lots of walks, my house has been more clean, the play room is coming along and the party planning is well under way. In fact, before it starts raining, I think I'd like to take Aiden for a quick wagon ride because he's refusing to nap. Stinker!

I'll collect some great photos and start scrapping again soon. I'm afraid my camera needs repair. It's been taking blurry pictures and I think the focus gears are out of whack. Fixable, but sounds a little expensive. Yet another errand I need to run!!! LOL!

1 comment:

Muggle Mom said...

make sure the lens is clean. that can be the culprit for blurry pics.