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Sunday, February 17, 2008


On a whim, we decided to try the wagon again tonight. (Desensitization works well for babies!) We pulled it all the way out onto the flat pavement of the street and loaded Aiden in a different seat than usual. He began to fuss so I hopped in the wagon and held him while Brian drug us up and down the street. It worked! I was eventually able to hop out of the wagon but I'm sure I looked like a total moron following behind, clapping my hands and shouting "Yay, Aiden! Wheeee!" I don't care. It's worth it. Brian gets on a plane Wednesday to leave for his big ski trip and I'm flying solo until Sunday. I NEED all the distractions I can get for that kiddo! (Seriously contemplating a run to Toys R Us for new toys but maybe I'll just dump out our most exciting kitchen gadgets & office supplies for him to explore. Highlighter washes off....)

So this means one of two things: You will either see a TON of new layouts on my blog or you won't see me at all because I'll be on outings & playdates trying to wear the gator out!

Sunday Thoughts: I never mention what I learned at church, but one of my best friends gave a great talk today about friends. She was the perfect person to speak because I have never known anyone who hosted more get-to-know-you dessert nights, brought more plates of cookies to new neighbors or went further out of her way to include new people in our usual group activities than Kelsey. She really impresses me with how thoughtful she is and it's GENUINE. She's not trying to be the most popular person, she just enjoys people and wants them to know they have a friend in her. (Funny, it's the people that are trying so hard to be popular that end up with no friends at all.) Kelsey mentioned today that it's not hard to talk to people, invite them over and make them a friend. I agree with this but I'd also like to add that you need to be the type of person that makes other people feel good about themselves. (Kelsey does this well, too!) Let other mommies know that it's okay to be themselves around you. Don't take yourself too seriously, have a sense of humor about your own follies and watch how relaxed people become around you.

Kelsey also mentioned that there are people who may "fish" for complements. This is the result of a low self-esteem and while these ladies are the most uncomfortable or annoying to be around, they are the ones most desperately in need of friends.

P.S. If you don't feel amazing about yourself, evaluate what it is that's bothering you. Fix it, finish it or otherwise correct it and you might be surprised that you're happier and feel more free and confident than you ever have before! I would know. I put entirely too much pressure on myself while I was in school because I thought a degree was *everything*. I couldn't change my mindset - I still feel that way today - but the day I graduated, I was a new woman. Happiness has flooded my life ever since and while I do get occasional twinges of inadequacy, they vanish as quickly as they come when there's nothing wounding your self-esteem.


Alisha said...

Flying solo eh? Feel free to stop by anytime to vist.

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