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Monday, February 18, 2008

Toys R Us Sale

Hey mommies, listen up! Toys R Us is giving away a free toy when you buy a fisher price toy! Here are the details:

Buy ANY Fisher Price toy for $19.99 or more and get FREE a Fisher Price toy of your choice, ages 0-12 months, priced up to $19.99. (This includes products that are rated 6-36 months, like the Laugh & Learn collection.) Online the offer says "Free toy valued up to $19.98" but in the store the sign says $19.99 and they seemed to be honoring that. Sale ends on Saturday or when all the baby toy inventory is gone.

For example, you can go in and buy a fisher price toy for your two year old and get a FREE 0-12 month toy for a baby shower or birthday gift. We bought Aiden a new toy for $20.99 and got a $16.99 toy for free. NICE! Now he has some new things to play with while Brian is out of town.

Hint: Ask to do two separate transactions if you want to buy two toys and get two for free to put away as gifts! But hurry and get up there ASAP!!!

BONUS: There is a huge clearance sale going on so keep an eye out for the little red clearance flags next to the shelf price tags. Some small toys are marked all the way down to 98¢!!!!

Happy bargain shopping!

Your Super-Cheap Friend


Susie said...

Thanks Super Cheap Friend! I'm always up for a good keep them coming! Unfortunately, our Toys R Us closed and the closest one is 20 miles away...yuck.

Kelsey said...

I'm so glad I have you to find all these deals because I never have the time! Sweet! Time to go stalk up. Thanks! When is too early to do Christmas shopping?