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Thursday, February 21, 2008


We have had a problem with liquids at our house today! It all began when Aiden jostled his sippy cup too much and somehow got the top slightly unscrewed. When I got home from our morning activites & errands, I found his cup had leaked all over our tile. Luckily I water down his apple juice pretty heavily so it wasn't a huge deal to clean up.

Then bed time came along. Brian is out of town so I did the whole dinner/bath/pajama routine by myself. When I laid Aiden down with a big 9 ounce bottle for bed, I was so happy to be done for the day. (Before you give me a lecture on tooth rot from putting a baby to bed with a bottle, remember it's Aiden. After he sucks down the formula as fast as he can, he throws the bottle as far as he can! I can promise no milk is left on his teeth, especially since he then falls asleep biting on his favorite fleecey blanket.) Any ways, Aiden had been down for all of 3 minutes when I finally get around to checking my e-mail. Then I hear him cry. I let him fuss for a good 3 or 4 minutes before his cries take on an urgent, something-is-wrong tone. I open the door to his room and *WHAM* the stench of formula hits me. I go to pick up Aiden, who is standing up & crying, to find he is DRENCHED in formula. I flip on the light and strip him out of his dripping jammies. He is soaked all the way through, head to toe, and his skin is sticky to the touch. Back in the tub he goes! I'm still not exactly sure what has happened but I get him soaped up, rinsed, dried off & back in a fresh pair of jammies in about 10 minutes.

I then turn my attention to the crib. I pick up one of his blankets and it is soaked. I pull back the other blanket to find it and the sheets are dripping. I pull the sheets & blankets off and go start a load of laundry. When I get back I realize there is a pool of formula on the plastic mattress pad. I sop it up and take the mattress completely out of the crib so I can Clorox wipe the sticky off of it. Then I realize the crib skirt is soaked! By this time, I'm asking aloud "What on earth happened in here?" and then............I find the bottle....

As you know by now, Aiden is very curious and very busy. EVERYTHING must be investigated. Including his bottle tonight. He has discovered that if you push on the soft silicone bottle nipple, it will go in. If you push harder and further, it will go all the way in! Only problem is, he tried this while lying on his back with a full nine ounce bottle. So wedged down along the side of the crib is this upside down Avent bottle, with the silicone nipple shoved most of the way down into the neck of the bottle, creating an enormous space between the nipple and plastic ring for formula to escape. And escape it did. After I get the crib skirt in the wash I realize the formula has sloshed up against the wall, run down the baseboard and beaded up on the carpet behind his crib! I don't understand how a few ounces of formula suddenly turned into five gallons of fluid but it took me thirty minutes working at top speed, with Aiden still crying because NOW he wants to go to sleep, to get this huge mess cleaned up! Of course, all of this would happen while Brian is out of town. ;)

I bet my curious little boy doesn't play with his bottles any more! LOL!

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m. & m. said...

AHHH! That is sooo true and hilarious! I hate those nights and every time they happen I think, we are so not having carpet in our next place!