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Thursday, January 17, 2008

May Cause Drowsiness

Those are the best three words a mother with a sick child can hear. It's printed on the side of Aiden's decongestant perscription that I have been giving him for this runny nose that hasn't quit, even after a week and a half. I woke him up from his nap a little early so I could go to the mom's brunch. Bad call, he was squirmy and fussy the whole time. He's now home, sloshed out on medicine (which, thankfully, did cause drowsiness) and dead-to-the-world asleep. Ahhhhh, now I can think straight and get something done!

Scrapped this one last night. I liked how the picture is almost a black & white so I scrapped everything else in monotone to let the photo really stand out.

"This": Aiden's first word may have been "outside" but it has been replaced with a new favorite word. This. EVERYTHING is "this". Or more like "diss". It's cute but it's all he'll say. Well, that and "Dada?" about once an hour. The only good thing about "this" is that I can now haul him in to the pantry and show him different snack options, to which he will enthusiastically say "THIS!" with lots of "sss" whenever I present the correct food item that he is craving. Lately that has been Ritz crackers or applesauce. Otherwise, all I hear is "this" and "Aye-da", which has replaced the cuter pronunciation of "Aye-dee". Brian and I made a huge deal about adding the "N" on the end of Aiden and now he pronounces his name without the N. Still, it really is neat to hear him trying to talk. I'm sure it will continue to be cute until he learns the word "no".


Alisha said...

I really like the LO. I have some adorable B&W photos, but no idea how to scrap them. Thanks for the ideas. Sorry Aiden is so sick. I didn't think he was a terror at the luncheon. It's so fun once they start to talk@

Susie said...

I can't believe he's talking! That's really young. My dd says mamamama and dadadada but not much else! So cute!

Muggle Mom said...

"this" is gray's very favorite word too. lol! he says it all the time.