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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First Word

After I got all my hybrids photographed and over to Miss Mint, I decided to go back and scrap some of the things that will need to be among the first pages in Aiden's album. Here is the layout I did of my pregnancy:

I used to tell Brian that I was so pregnant it looked fake. Honestly, I had the perfect beach-ball-under-the-shirt belly. I really had fun doing this layout in bright colors, including PINK! (It's me in the pictures any ways......) Now I have to go upload this in the gallery and credit everything, which is going to take forever since I used about 17 different product sets!

Yestderday I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up some dry adhesive to help my hybrid projects go faster. I can't believe I ever got through life without glue dots!!! I bought the E-Z dot dispenser, which is the greatest thing ever, and a roll of mini glue dots that you peel & stick. I love them. I may never use a glue stick again! Embellishing my projects is going to be really easy from now on.

Guess What Grandma: Aiden said his first real word. (I'm only counting it if he says it on his own and seems to understand the meaning behind it.) Early this morning Aiden woke up crying and I went in to change his diaper. While on the changing table he grabbed the closed blinds, pulled them back and peered outside. He often does this and I was just happy he was holding still for the moment. Then he said "Uht-side". I froze. "That's right, Aiden! Outside!" Had it not been three-something in the morning I probably would have gotten a lot more excited but Brian was asleep and I wanted everyone to be back in bed with as little fuss as possible. But there you have it. Aiden's very first REAL word that he communicated spontaneously on his own. I should have guessed his first word would be "outside".


Kelsey said...

That belly looks adorable! Cute L.o. with some pink in it! I cant believe he already said outside! He is a Daddy's boy for sure!

Alisha said...

Isn't it crazy to look back and remember what it was like just before he came. Just think about how much your life has changed since he came! Love the LO.