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Monday, January 21, 2008

The Good Stuff

I think this is the longest I have ever gone without posting on my blog! I have been finishing up the last of the hybrid projects and enjoying a (nearly) computer-free weekend.

So here is what I have been up to: (click the pictures to go to the gallery for credits & product links)

These use the Altoid lid shape from the new custom candy template set. Instead of just customizing the candy, I decided to turn the empty tins I had into a photo frame of sorts. I think they turned out to be pretty cute!

Next I scrapped a new face for the Altoid tin I store extra paper gift tags in. This is cute enough to leave sitting out now!

These two IOU's use the new coupon book templates. I haven't made an entrie book yet but I thought night-out passes would be fun! I already have these up on the fridge. We can use tally marks on the back to keep track of who owes who but I already know the answer. I'll owe Brian a LOT more!

There are actually several other examples I have but they're not in the gallery yet. I'll get to them soon. For now I am having fun sorting through all of the GORGEOUS family pictures Kelsey took of us this weekend. I have big plans for some of those shots!

New kits *should* be out sometime in early February. There will also be some new elements to scrap with! (So don't worry if you're not in to hybrid projects. There will be more coming!)

Oh, and Aiden is STILL SICK. We're seeing the doctor this week. I'm afraid he may have gotten an ear infection. (It's the only reason I can find for why my sweet boy has turned into a total screaming monster. And I mean MONSTER. Brian and I haven't even known what to do with his hissy fits this weekend. ) Yesterday at church he was by far the most active and cranky of any of the babies around us. After emptying the contents of the diaper bag and my purse, he fussed for two hours, drank 12 ounces of formula and then fell asleep in his car seat during the last half hour when Brian didn't know what else to do for him. I enjoyed the lessons on Sunday but it is so hard for me - a schedule person who fights tooth-and-nail to make sure Aiden gets enough sleep - to see my baby suffer through church. By the time sunday school is all over, he's missed his major morning nap and is pretty cranky the rest of the day. I feel so bad for him. I wish he would learn to cuddle and fall asleep in our arms like he used to!


Kelsey said...

You have been crazy busy it looks like! I love those altoid tins. Very cute! Grandmas all over the world would love those! Great job.

Muggle Mom said...

those are so cute! hope aiden gets better soon!

Di said...

Love the hybrids. You are so creative. It had been so long since you posted I was beginning to wonder if you were ok. Ha ha I love getting your new posts all the time.

Miss Rissa said...

You don't really know me (your husband is our home teacher) but I found your blog and I love your projects. They are so creative adn they give me such great ideas! Love the altoid-tin box picture frame!
Marissa Marquardson