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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ikea Day

Ikea during a sale on a Saturday with a baby is not as much fun as it sounds. Still, we came away with a TON of new stuff! We bought a new set of cubby shelves for one whole wall of the bead room and a cute floor mat with gray streets & buildings printed on it for driving cars over. Aiden also got a new treasure chest storage bin for his dress up clothes. (Really, I just need some place to put the pirate swords and batman capes until he's older and can play with them!) We picked up some soft white bath mats on sale and a small table & chair set for the playroom. I'm so anxious to get the bead room project done!

Aiden took an extra long nap this morning so I finished a layout while we were waiting for him to wake up so we could leave. This one took a very long time because I recolored every element except for the male sign sticker and the number 9 sticker. I just love how it turned out! I really think the urban stuff is cool. (I know this is pretty artsy so it doesn't offend me if it's not your taste!)

Here's a close-up of the picture I used. (It's also in a frame on the right.) You'd think "screwing up" the coloring of a photo to make it look grungy would be easy. It's so least if you want it to look right!

Aiden was crawling around, blowing raspberries (read: making really loud farting sounds) while I was trying to get some cute pictures. I ended up with a camera full of shots like this. I figured since that's his personality right now, it's a good idea to scrap it - while it's still cute and makes me laugh! LOL! I got some other shots that you'll see in a layout sometime soon!

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