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Friday, January 4, 2008

Your Opinion Please

Every week more of my friends begin digi scrapping and I know the learning curve for Photoshop is pretty steep. I LOVE to talk about scrapping and since this stuff isn't easy, I have been thinking about offering workshops at my house in the late evening, after kids are in bed. Miss Mint is on board and has graciously agreed to allow me to demonstrate with her items and burn a coordinated kit to a CD for workshop goers. (Kit to be announced, we're not decided yet.)

The workshops would be during the evenings for about an hour (possibly longer) per session, split up into two categories:

Beginner: 2 evening sessions that take you from the very beginnings of opening a new workspace in photoshop all the way through adding elements, fast recoloring and proper saving for printing.

Intermediate: 1 evening session dedicated to more advanced techniques like inking, adjusting opacity and more involved recoloring to add unique dimension to your elements plus lots of my other neat scrapping tricks. Review of any Beginner items by request.

I'm gathering interest to see if all the work I would need to put in to making handouts & burning CD's would be worth it. Leave a comment or e-mail me if you'd be interested. (Pricing would be $20-$25, part of which covers the cost of the new scrap goodies/gift card you take home.)

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