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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years, New Beginnings & New STUFF!

Brian had a surprise for me. Our 7 year anniversary will be on January 5th but I got my gift today. It was waiting on my computer for me this morning. Usually I leave photoshop open all the time so when I sat down this morning and Photoshop was up, I didn't think a thing of it. But when I looked a little closer I noticed the buttons looked different. Larger. Sleeker. NEWER. This wasn't my archaic Photoshop 6 version. THIS WAS CS2!! Brian had upgraded my photoshop!

I have been playing with my new software off and on all day. If you haven't hit the shop for the new stuff and the freebie, hurry up and get there! Here is my New Year's Resolution layout I did using the free kit (and a few other elements):

Seriously, this year I resolve to not make a big resolution and instead focus on each day. There are lots of things I would like to improve. (Brian has a list of his own going, too.) I think in the end the goals I want to reach or the changes I want to make begin one day at a time. For now, it's the bead room I am wanting to tackle and finally turn into an organized hobby room & play room for Aiden. Currently under way is our goal to get Aiden sleeping through the night and then weaned. Each night is getting progressively better. We're down to waking up twice but only crying for a few minutes. Aiden has nearly weaned himself since he suddenly developed a taste for formula. He's only nursing first thing in the morning and then right before bed. He seems ready to skip the bedtime nursing - a surprise to me, that's unusual - but the morning nursing we both need. He's usually a little dehydrated & thirsty from crying the night before and my boobs are usually starting to hurt from being too full. I have a feeling we're only a couple weeks away from being done!

We have some big plans for the bead room and I am hoping to find the time to get it all done before we go to San Antonio on the 24th. I'll post pictures whenever we finish it. In fact, I think I'll start cleaning out some clutter right now before I get distracted and start playing in photoshop again!


Alisha said...

What a great surprise! Way to go Brian! I love the New Years Resolution. I myself have about a million things I want to accomplish in 2008. Good idea just to focus on everyday. Love the LO.

Kelsey said...

You look like a hottie in that layout! Whoo-hoo! Love the new kit. Good resolution- since I hate them that is one I can live with!

Di said...

I love that you did a LO with just you. It's so cute. Nice work Brian with the CS2 upgrade!