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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Blogging Break

WHEW! Taking a break from Photoshop for a minute to blog. It's been quite a busy day today! We began working in the bead room this morning (which was interrupted for a couple of hours so I could go get a pedi - Ahhhh!) and then I came home & tackled the rest of the bead room project. We grilled out steaks for dinner and bathed Aiden then put him to sleep. Brian began putting together this massive 25-cubby, wall-sized piece of furniture we bought from Ikea (good luck with that, babe!) while I came in to find new products waiting to be scrapped with. I'm in heaven! There are some pretty trendy hybrids that I can't WAIT to have printed! I think one of the perks of being on the CT, besides seeing everything first, is that it forces you to get your projects done and printed. So I'm scrapping away and will have fun on Monday picking up my prints and completing the projects!

No, the new Valentine kit wasn't one of the things I just got. Sorry. Right now I am scrapping with last year's kit "Love Muffin". If you've never taken a good look at the papers, check 'em out:

Miss Mint is really good about making kits fairly gender neutral. Still, I ADORE the light pink dot paper in this kit. Precious for girl pages I think. The heart print is pretty cool - it has a touch of grunge that makes it just fine for boy pages. The purple-ish maroon paper is neat. The swirly scattering of hearts only runs down the top and left side of the paper. The rest is a solid with a very cool, sanded edge. It has been fun to scrap with!

Alright, enough blogging. Back to scrapping so you guys have some examples to look at when these products debut!

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