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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This Kid Is Hilarious!

While hurrying to get ready to leave so we could meet up with friends this afternoon, I desperately grabbed this orange pair of sunglasses for Aiden to play with. They kept him still long enough for me to get his diaper changed and us out the door. I didn't bother taking them away when I strapped him in the car seat, since he was having so much fun playing. When we got to the park, he was still mouthing the frames and inspecting the dark tinted lenses. I kept playfully putting the sunglasses on Aiden's face, which would make him laugh and then he'd take them off. Then suddenly it hit him - he realized what they were! With real intent, he took the sunglasses off his face and began trying to put them in his hair!!! (I can't imagine who he's learned this from...LOL!) Luckily I had my camera with me and got a picture:

The other moms I was with thought it was soooo funny! Honestly, he spent a good five or ten minutes trying to get these shades to sit just right on his head! Children are alarmingly observant, aren't they? Geez, I wonder what else he's picked up...


emblair said...

Such a handsome little stud!

Kelsey said...

He's not even 1 and wanting to look like a stud! I love it!

Bethany said...

I tried to email you but my email kicked back.... what is your email?


Tay said...

Hi Bethany! It's shantasilver at

Can't wait to hear from you!!!