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Sunday, March 9, 2008

I Learned Something Today

I'd like to say I picked up this piece of wisdom at church but I spent most of the time in the hall with Aiden today. He saw a few of his little friends fussing and being taken out so he decided he wanted to join them. He was SO PROUD of himself when he climbed the stairs up to the nursery on his own. I did a good job of not hovering and letting him climb at his own rapid speed. Seriously, the look on his face when he reached the top was amazing! And then he promptly pulled a folding chair on top of himself. (At this point I wished I could stop time with one of my involunatry gasps or that I could at least move faster when everything seems like it's going in slow motion.) Aiden was fine - not a single bump, scratch or bruise on him. I, however, probably lost all the progress I made today with letting Aiden be more independent as I scooped him up, hugged him close and inspected him for the concussion and internal bleeding I was certain he had sustained.

Alright, back to what I learned:

Today Brian told me that women don't understand the influence they can have over men. Specifically wives over their husbands. I believe that you create your own happiness and that it's as simple as identifying what you want, understanding the actions and behaviors it will require and then working to achieve it. I want Brian to feel like the guy on a pedestal that I think he is. I want him to know how greatful I am to be staying home with Aiden. I want him to know that I appreciate every dollar he brings home and I am going to work to make sure they're managed wisely so our long-term goals can be reached. I hope he realizes that on the days when he walks in the door and I'm frustrated, that it's only temporary and I need a hero to rescue me and help with the baby, no matter how impatiently I may word my request. In short, I want to make Brian feel loved, appreciated and adored. And I think in doing so, our husbands can't help but adore us for making them feel like rockstars!

Women are powerful. That's what I learned today.


Teresa said...

Love this post. SO TRUE. And we all need the reminder once in awhile! :)

Turnidge Family said...

Hey Tay! I found your blog! :) You're always so sweet at PC commenting on everyone's LOs (I am "mturnidge"). Anyways, your blog is so super cute! And, aren't we so lucky to have husbands who love us dearly?

emblair said...

Words of great always!